Halle Berry Stops for Black Reporters After Publicist Tells Them No Interviews

Halle Berry attends "John Wick 3" Premiere in New York. (Credit: YouTube)

Far too often, reporters with urban media outlets say they don’t get access to big stars because they’re relegated to positions at the end of red carpet lines.

It’s an issue Urban Hollywood 411 has written about before, and it was the case for Emerald Marie, a reporter with Where Is The Buzz TV and another black journalist named Lamar.

Marie posted video of the encounter on social media this week, saying she and Lamar were the only two Black journalists covering the New York premiere of John Wick 3.

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The two waited to speak with Halle Berry, but a publicist told them there would be no more interviews.

“I’m so sorry,” the publicist is heard saying on the video. Marie persisted and asked if they could do a “group” interview instead, but the publicist told her no.

“There’s no time because they are actually doing group print [interviews] and they’re already starting in the theater,” the publicist says.

Marie then states in the clip that Berry refused to be rushed past the two reporters.

“She looked at me and she looked at Lamar and she said, ‘I can’t skip my brother and my sister.’ And she turned back around and walked right up to us and we interviewed her,” Marie explains.

The reporter went on to praise Berry and said she has “newfound respect” for the actress.

Watch the video of the encounter with Halle Berry above.