Gina Rodriguez Apologizes for Using N-Word

Gina Rodriguez at the premiere for "Annihilation" at the Regency Village Theatre, Los Angeles, USA 13 Feb. 201 — Photo by Featureflash

Gina Rodriguez sparked anger Tuesday and got torched for it on Twitter.

The trouble started after the Jane the Virgin actress posted a video of herself on her Instagram Story that showed her singing The Fugees 1996 hit “Ready or Not.”

As a makeup artist applied liner to her eyes, Rodriguez belted out the lyrics: “I can do what you do, easy/Believe me, fronting n—-s give me heebie-jeebies.”

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Many social media users were unimpressed and dragged the actress across Twitter. Rodriguez took the video down after a few hours, but the damage was done and she’d already become a trending topic.

She then uploaded a video of herself apologizing. “I am sorry if I offended anyone by singing along to the Fugees, to a song I love that I grew up on. I love Lauryn Hill,” she said.

By then, some social media users had already called for Rodriguez to be canceled.

“!?!?!?? how is she so stupid,” one person tweeted.

Another person wrote: “Can cancel culture come through for once and get Gina Rodriguez outta here?”

Another person wrote: “Gina Rodriguez wins the award for the most half assed apology of 2019.”

This isn’t the first time the Golden Globe-winning actress has been accused of making racially insensitive remarks.

Back in 2018, she sparked anger after speaking on a panel hosted by Net-a-Porter magazine, and discussing equal pay with Ellen Pompeo, Gabrielle Union and Emma Roberts.

“I get so petrified in this space talking about equal pay, especially when you look at the intersectional aspect of it, where white women get paid more than Black women, and Black women get paid more than Asian women, Asian women get paid more than Latina women,” Rodriguez said.

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Her comments prompted criticism from some African Americans, who pointed out that in 2018, Sofia Vergara — a Latina from Colombia — was the highest paid TV actress in the U.S.

Rodriguez clarified her comments in an emotional interview on Sway in the Morning, saying she was talking about all Latinas, not just actresses. “I never said actresses, I wasn’t speaking about my industry,” she said.

The actress also faced backlash in 2017 for a tweet about the film Black Panther.

“Marvel and DC are killing it in inclusion and women but where are the Latinos?! Asking for a friend,” she wrote.

Fans pointed out that the Marvel Cinematic Universe does include Afro-Latina actresses like Zoe Saldana.