Gabrielle Union: Some Black Celebs ‘1 or 2 Checks’ From Being Broke

Gabrielle Union attends the "America's Got Talent" Season 14 Live Show Red Carpet – Stock Editorial Photography

Some African-American celebrities have been so hard hit by COVID-19 work stoppages that they’re on the edge of financial ruin, according to Gabrielle Union.

During a recent Instagram Live interview with model Sharam Diniz, Union said some Black entertainers are “one or two” paychecks away from being broke.

“For most, certainly Black entertainers, Black ‘celebrities,’ we don’t really… For all of the Oprahs and the people who have just a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of money, most of us are one or two checks away from not having money to pay for all of our things, you know what I mean?” she said

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The L.A.’s Finest co-star and executive producer singled out social media influencers, and called them “celebrities” in air quotes.

“So this stoppage of work and money is impacting marginalized ‘celebrities’ the most. You know, like all those influencers you see who take all the trips, they’re in Dubai one week, and they’re in London in the next week, and Paris the next week, and they seem to be everywhere. They may not have a lot of liquid income,” she continued.

“You can’t charge your rent. You have to pay your rent. So if you don’t have the opportunity to do all the things you need to do to be the influencer, your money’s funny. And if your money is funny, you don’t have much of anything,” Union added.

Some people criticized Union for including herself in the same category as those who are really struggling, considering she and husband Dwyane Wade are worth millions.

Union responded on Twitter by saying she’s been at “every level of the game.”

“DEFINITELY not comparing struggles. The question that was asked if you watch the whole thing was SPECIFICALLY about how this is impacting Hollywood/Black Hollywood,” she tweeted. “I have been at every level of the game so I speak from personal experience. That is all. But let’s discuss.”