Fox News Segment on Race Unravels When Geraldo Rivera Questions Leo Terrell’s ‘Ghetto’ Roots

Geraldo Rivera and Leo Terrell on Fox News.

A Fox News discussion about race went off the rails when Geraldo Rivera questioned attorney Leo Terrell’s knowledge about the “ghetto.”

The on-air scuffle unfolded on Thursday’s edition of the Bill Hemmer-hosted America’s Newsroom as the panel discussed Tishaura Jones, the new mayor-elect of St. Louis. Jones will soon become the city’s first Black mayor.

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Civil rights attorney Terrell took issue with a comment Jones recently made, when she said White allies don’t have the “lived experience” to lead a majority-Black city.

“That is the most insulting, racist comment. You know what she’s saying? She’s saying, ‘Because you’re White, you don’t understand what we as Black people go through regarding crime’,” he said.

Terrell continued to criticize Jones until he was cut off by Rivera. “Hey Leo, when was the last time you were in the ghetto?” Rivera asked.

Terrell, who is Black, exploded. “How dare you say that sir. I was born, I lived right there by the [Los Angeles Memorial] Coliseum,” he shot back.

“I’m from Avenue C dude. That knowledge that I have is helpful,” responded Rivera, who was born in New York City.

Terrell responded, “Insulting! Insulting!”

But Rivera said the newly-elected mayor might actually bring change. “Let her try a kinder approach. Maybe it will work,” he told the panel.

Terrell continued to yell, prompting Rivera to say, “Ugh. Stop with the daring.”

After the exchange went viral, Rivera took to Twitter to say he didn’t mean to offend the attorney.

“Apologize to @TheLeoTerrell. Did not mean to imply that he doesn’t get realities of urban life. Sorry Leo didn’t mean it personally. I wish St Louis’ new mayor the best. She has her hands full in a city beset by violent crime,” Rivera tweeted.

Watch the tense debate below.