Fox Launches ‘Fox Soul’ Streaming Service Targeting African Americans

Fox Soul (Credit: Fox)

Fox is setting its sights on the African American audience with a new streaming service called Fox Soul.

The live, ad-supported streaming channel is free and debuted today, the network announced in a press release. Spearheaded by the Fox Television Stations group, the channel includes original programming along with existing content from Fox’s owned-and-operated stations.

“We are proud to debut this African American focused channel, created by and for the members of the black community,” said James DuBose, head of programming for Fox Soul. “We intend to inform, inspire, and empower our viewers by meeting their needs for authentic conversations on topics relevant to our lives.”

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The channel is starting with four new daily shows, including The Tammi Mac Late Show featuring Los Angeles radio personality Tammi Mac, and interview series One on One With Keyshia Cole.

Original programming will air weeknights from 6pm PT – 10pm PT, followed by two hours of local content from Fox’s local stations. The service is available via apps for iPhone, Android, Apple TV, FireTV or on the web at

Below are details on Fox Soul’s new and locally-produced content.

On the 7 with Dr. Sean
Hosted by spiritual leader Dr. Sean McMillan, this program tackles the daily hot topics that concern the black community through the lens of unwavering faith and insight.

The Mike and Donny Show
Hosted by Mike Hill and Donny Harrell, this talk show presents frank conversations about the issues that black men and women face today.

The Tammi Mac Late Show
Hosted by radio personality Tammi Mac, this show is a celebration of black culture through music, performance, and the spoken word with meaningful conversation.

Out Loud with Claudia Jordan
Hosted by Claudia Jordan, this talk show provides the perspective of a black woman on issues surrounding dating, beauty, and relationships.

Fit and Fab with Elise Neal
Hosted by Elise Neal, this is a weekly show concentrating on fitness, health, and nutrition.

One on One with Keyshia Cole
Hosted by singer, songwriter, actress, producer, and television personality Keyshia Cole, this talk show features in-depth interviews with notable celebrities and entertainers and covers issues facing the black audience.

35 thoughts on “Fox Launches ‘Fox Soul’ Streaming Service Targeting African Americans

  1. How long before this is considered racist and all the black folks on the channel are Uncle Toms?

    1. Since it’s focused on people based on their skin color, I’d say its already racist.

    2. I’m sure they will have shows on how to assault people, make crack cocaine, and eveyone’s favorite…meth. Oh, and I forgot how to get on welfare and never work a day.

      1. BET was television version of Jet magazine. It was the only place where you would find issues and shows that didn’t show black people as an afterthought or placed into stereotypical roles.

  2. Has no one called BET “racist”? I hope Fox did some research and talked to a large selection of African-Americans from many walks of life before they decided to do this. If it turns into simply a platform to air grievances it will not last long. It is possible to celebrate African-American historical and current culture and interests without focusing on the negative at the exclusion of all other aspects. As with all entertainment ventures it will depend on the variety of programs both serious and simply entertaining.

      1. You’re either Irish or American. You’re only German or American. You’re only Jewish or American…

    1. NO they don’t, BLM is a terriorist organization. They will actually shoot you for a slice of cake.

  3. Please feature Yvette Carnel- ADOS.
    A historical segment on Black Republicans would be helpful in understanding this party. What is a copperhead?
    Where did the kkk really originate from?

  4. No more butter biscuit fake camera-hogging preachers.
    They spew the same old tired rhetoric.
    Urban folks want to know about different options in 2020.
    AA joined the Republican party during reconstruction. Ida Wells was an independent, AA young conservatives, scholars voices have been silenced for too long, please educate!

  5. As a black person~ we don’t need any more entertainment, what about news about black people & i’m not talking about what black thug killed another thug.

    1. Seems you should be talking about black on black killings as it is pretty rampant! Top 25 violent crime cities are all majority or nearing majority black. That isn’t stereotyping that is simple math!

  6. So it’s another WB, then? Start episode: Sheeeet Shaniqua, chillll tyrone, ya baby diddy aint da one. We don’t play dat. up in heeere. Ahhh helll nah he didn’t. Laughtrack. (Hpmie goes off to high-paying affirmative action job, insert laughtrack). End episode.

  7. I think it’s a great idea. Since the major news networks are 93% negative regarding our President’s accomplishments for minorities, if “Fox Soul” is somewhat or mostly unbiased, it can only benefit the minority community. It should tend to WAKE UP the Democrat Party who assumes blind allegiance by minorities (ON ELECTION DAY).
    Go Fox…

  8. Agreed… first they wiped out most of the native people with diseases, and then stole people from Africa to use as unpaid farming implements. They should have stayed in Europe.

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