Donald Glover: Hollywood Churns Out ‘Boring Stuff’ for Fear of ‘Getting Cancelled’

Donald Glover at the "Atlanta" LA Premiere Screening at the Theatre at Ace Hotel on February 19, 2018 in Los Angeles, C — Photo by Jean_Nelson

Donald Glover has some things to say about why Hollywood releases so much “boring stuff” —  creators are too afraid of being canceled. 

The Atlanta creator and star tweeted his thoughts Tuesday, writing: “Saw people on here having a discussion about how tired they were of reviewing boring stuff (tv & film).”

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He followed that up with another tweet: “We’re getting boring stuff and not even experimental mistakes(?) because people are afraid of getting cancelled.”

“So they feel like they can only experiment w/ aesthetic. (Also because some of ‘em know they’re not that good,)” he ended his Twitter musings.

Twitter users started debating what the actor/producer/rapper meant with his tweets — canceling due to cancel culture or TV ratings. 

Confusion aside, some users agreed with Glover that a lot of TV and movie content is boring.

@rowanpru_tx tweeted: I feel like the way streaming has changed tv into 8 episodes that we binge does not lend itself to the most creative avenues what happened to really getting to know a character and the context of the story.” 

Twitter user @Maserati777 added, “Back when I was still watching tv every new series on the big networks was a cop drama. Really stale.”

“I’m just waiting for someone to spend well over 200m on a movie that isn’t either an existing IP or a stupid superhero thing,” @ZANZALAZ responded. “I don’t think that’s happened since 2012 at this point (John Carter and Battleship).”

Glover aka rapper Childish Gambino doesn’t seem to face an immediate threat of being canceled from the music scene or TV.

In February, he signed an eight-figure overall deal with Amazon, The Hollywood Reporter noted. Although Amazon declined to comment, the outlet reported the deal is said to include a curated channel dedicated to Glover’s content.