Diddy’s Son Christian Combs Sued for Alleged Sexual Assault on Yacht

Christian "King" Combs at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Garden Arena on May 15, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV — Photo by Jean_Nelson/Deposit Photos

Christian Combs, the 26-year-old son of Sean “Diddy” Combs, has been accused of sexual assault in a new lawsuit.

In the lawsuit filed late Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Grace O’Marcaigh alleges Christian sexually assaulted her on a yacht in December 2022.

NBC News obtained the filing, which says O’Marcaigh was working on the yacht chartered by Diddy days before a star-studded New Year’s Eve party.

The 31-page lawsuit describes her as a European Caucasian female who worked as a stewardess in the yachting industry since 2018

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The lawsuit says the boat was hired for a “wholesome family excursion” that turned into a “hedonistic environment.”

O’Marcaigh was working on the boat as an on-duty steward.

Christian Combs stayed on shore in a villa, but one night he arrived on the yacht “heavily intoxicated” and focused his attention on O’Marcaigh, the complaint says.

The suit alleges Christian pressured O’Marcaigh, then 25, to take shots of tequila. After she took a shot, the suit says Christian allegedly pressured her to drink more.

“Plaintiff was quite scared and realized she was in a very dangerous situation,” the complaint says. It adds that O’Marcaigh began to feel strange and “quickly suspected the tequila was spiked.” The suit says the situation “escalated” and Christian began to kiss her neck and face, and touched “her legs, breasts, anus, and vagina.”

O’Marcaigh says a short time later, Christian allegedly cornered her in the yacht’s cinema. According to the complaint, he removed his clothes, grabbed her arms, and was “trying to force plaintiff to perform oral copulation” on his “erect penis.”

The woman says she fought back and was able to break free when a co-worker came looking for her out of concern and entered the cinema, according to the lawsuit.

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Per the lawsuit, O’Marcaigh complained to the ship’s captain, but the incident was not fully investigated. She alleges Diddy paid the captain as part of a “cover-up.” The lawsuit includes photos showing bruises on O’Marcaigh’s arm that she claims were caused by Christian.

She is suing for unspecified damages. Diddy is also being sued for premises liability as the person who chartered the yacht and for allegedly aiding and abetting his son.

O’Marcaigh is represented by Tyrone A. Blackburn, the same attorney who filed a bombshell February lawsuit against Diddy on behalf of Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones — a producer on the rapper’s recently released The Love Album: Off the Grid.

In his initial 73-page filing, Lil Rod said he produced nine tracks on the LP and also worked as an in-house photographer. He accused Diddy of sexual assault, sexual harassment and threats.

Diddy has denied all of the allegations in Lil Rod’s lawsuit as well as sexual abuse accusations in complaints filed by four women.

O’Marcaigh’s lawsuit says Lil Rod was on the yacht when she was allegedly assaulted. According to the complaint, the music producer recorded some of the exchange and the audio allegedly includes O’Marcaigh telling Christian to stop touching her.

NBC News obtained two audio clips, included with the lawsuit, that are said to be from the night of Dec. 28, 2022. The outlet has not independently verified who the voices are on the recording.

“Excuse me, you don’t touch my legs like that. I’ll move my legs where I want to,” a woman is heard saying in the recording. “If I want to do this, then I will. You don’t touch my legs like that.”

“Listen, you and everybody in the crew,” a male voice replies.

“I can’t, I have to go down [below deck],” the woman says. “I have to go down.”

The male then insists that the woman stay with him, but she responds that she cannot unless he makes an official request to a crew leader.

“Who can I talk to? I’m going to say I requested you right now,” the male says.

“Well, you can take your hand off my ass for the first thing,” the woman responds.

Attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn released a statement to NBC News about O’Marcaigh’s lawsuit.

“Like father, like son,” Blackburn said. “It gives us no joy or pleasure in filing this suit against Christian Combs who has clearly adopted his father’s pattern and practice of depravity.”

Aaron Dyer, an attorney representing Christian Combs and his father Sean Combs, said Thursday’s lawsuit is filled with “manufactured lies.”

“This is just another lewd and meritless claim from Tyrone Blackburn — just like what he filed in the Rodney Jones lawsuit, which he still has not served. This complaint is filled with the same kind of manufactured lies and irrelevant facts we’ve come to expect from Blackburn,” Dyer said in a statement.

The attorney added, “This is exactly why the federal judge in New York slapped him two days ago for a ‘pattern of behavior’ in ‘improperly [filing] cases in federal court to garner media attention, embarrass defendants with salacious allegations, and pressure defendants to settle quickly,’ and why he was referred to the disciplinary committee in the Southern District of New York. We will be filing a motion to dismiss this outrageous claim.”

Christian, whose mother is the late Kim Porter, was also named as a defendant in Lil Rod’s lawsuit, which says the music producer witnessed Christian allegedly “drugging and sexually assaulting a woman.”

Shawn Holley, an attorney representing Diddy, called the allegations in Lil Rod’s lawsuit “outlandish.”

Christian and his older brother Justin Combs, 30, were briefly detained when federal agents raided Diddy’s home in Los Angeles in connection with sex trafficking allegations on March 25.

No arrests were made during the raids.