D.L. Hughley Rips ‘Horrible’ Kanye West After Rapper Threatens to ‘Hurt’ Him

D.L. Hughley and Kanye West (Credit: Shutterstock)

D.L. Hughley and Kanye West are duking it out on social media and the comedian is not holding back

The Twitter beef started when the actor-comedian mentioned Kanye’s nasty divorce from Kim Kardashian during a recent interview with DJ Vlad and said the rapper is “stalking” his former wife.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Kanye told Hughley “I can afford to hurt you” and called him a “drug addict.”

On Wednesday, the “City of Gods” rapper posted a photo to his Instagram account calling out The Original Kings of Comedy star for his fashion sense. Kanye wrote in the caption: “This grown a– man picked this outfit out himself. Is he influential or under the influence???”

Kanye West Instagram Post about D.L. Hughley

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West then uploaded an Instagram post showing a screenshot of search results about Hughley from Google with the caption: “Funny thing is we’ll probably end up being friends. I used to defend this ni–a back when he had work. Like nah he’s funny, you just gotta watch it 1 trillion more times to get it.”

Hughley responded by posting a series of tweets on Wednesday and the first one took a shot at Kanye’s mental health.

He tweeted: “Now #Kanye! When you say you had to explain my jokes to people, are these real people, or the ones you keep in your head?”

He followed that up with another tweet referring to Kim’s new boyfriend, SNL comic Pete Davidson.

“#Kanye do you know how horrible you gotta be to make a #Kardashian date a white man?!”

The Brothers actor didn’t allow Kanye to rag on his style without saying something back.

He tweeted: “#Kanye, how dare you talk about the way someone dresses, look at you!! All those people in your head and not one of them got a Macy’s card?”

Hughley’s final tweet stated: “#Kanye ain’t it funny how you can explain my jokes, but not your behavior?” 

Hughley joins a growing list of celebs including Trevor Noah, Kim Kardashian and Davidson who have been attacked on social media by Kanye.