‘Crowned’ Hosts Promise to Bring ‘Grown Woman Talk’ and ‘Tears’ (Video)

Crowned (In the Black Network)

Expect the conversations to be “grown,” “raw” and “real” on Crowned.

That’s the word from Vivica A. Fox, Syleena Johnson, Chanel Nicole Scott, and Kendra G. — hosts of the new weekly talk show on the In the Black Network.

“It’s going be a lot of grown woman talk, entertainment, tears, singing,” Vivica said at a recent press junket in Los Angeles for the talk show.

In the Black Network is being touted as a new platform to amplify Black culture and is available at Intheblacknetwork.tv.

Starting Oct. 2, a new episode of Crowned will drop each Monday at midnight, taking on topics important to Black women.

“It’s going to be conversations about our culture, topics that are happening from health to wealth to relationships, from four different, wonderful perspectives of life,” Vivica explained.

Vivica and Syleena are no strangers to the talk format. For three years, they co-hosted Fox Soul’s Cocktails With Queens with Claudia Jordan and LisaRaye McCoy. The show ended in June, amid a programming revamp at Fox Soul.

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Now four months later, Vivica and Syleena say the conversations on their new show will “straighten each other’s crowns.”

While no topic is off limits, Syleena says the goal is to uplift Black women, not bring them down.

“We won’t be bashing anyone,” she explained. “This isn’t a ‘hey, this person did this in social media or in the pop culture world, so we’re just going to drag them for filth.’ We’re not dragging anybody for filth, unless it pertains to our personal lives. So if I had to drag somebody down to my personal relationship, you’re going to find out about that, but this isn’t a dart-throwing show.”

Each week there will be a musical guest, giving Black artists a platform.

Syleena, a Grammy-nominated R&B performer from Chicago, will also be showing off her musical chops.

“I sing the theme song on the show, I wrote it. It’s a first for me in my career, which I’m actually very proud,” she said.

In the Black Network (ITBN) is a new advertising-based Video on Demand platform founded by James DuBose, who previously worked as general manager of Fox Soul. The ladies said DuBose told them he wants Crowned to be “real and raw,” with a sprinkle of their personal lives mixed in.

“You’re going to get a bird’s-eye view of each of our lives,” Chanel Nicole Scott explained.

Scott, creator and executive producer of the CheMinistry relationship platform, noted that the conversations will be deep.

“So often, when people are going through something, they think that they’re the only ones who go through it. So when you see someone like us, you don’t think ‘Oh, they don’t have any issues.'” she said.

Kendra G., who co-hosted a Chicago radio show on 107.5 WGCI, says she’s known Syleena for years.

“I lived in Chicago, she’s from Chicago. I know her sister Syleecia, I’ve known her for years,” Kendra G. said.

While Claudia Jordan is still at Fox Soul, Vivica said don’t be surprised if one day you see her on Crowned.

“I was thinking if we did a season 2, we may have some guests and it would be lovely if we could have LisaRaye and Claudia be a guest on the show because that is where we started,” she said. “This is where the connection started and shout-out to Claudia, she really brought all of us to Cocktails with Queens and we had three wonderful seasons together of tears, laughs, birthdays and experiences. So I would welcome the ladies to come and be a guest on the show.”

The ITBN app is available for download on iOS, Android devices, Apple TV, YouTube, ROKU, LG and Samsung media players. The platform goes live Oct. 2.