Chris Cuomo Calls Out Kanye West’s ‘Prejudice’ in Chaotic Interview (Video)

Cuomo and Kanye West (Credit: NewsNation)

Kanye West spewed more hate speech Monday night during a chaotic interview with Chris Cuomo on NewsNation.

The rapper, who now goes by Ye, thought he’d be allowed to ramble like he did in his disastrous “Drink Champs” interview, but former CNN anchor Cuomo quickly shut down his latest anti-Semitic rant.

[Watch the interview below]

West called into Cuomo’s self-titled NewsNation show from a car. The rapper got upset that his name was written on screen as Kanye West instead of Ye. The hip-hop mogul insisted West is a “slave name.”

West said he was on his way to meet with the CEO of Parler, the right-wing social media platform he is in the process of acquiring.

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The hip-hop star complained about being restricted on Instagram and Twitter, but insisted the comments that got him in trouble were not anti-Semitic. “I don’t believe in that term,” he said.

West rambled on and on, and insisted there’s a “Jewish underground media mafia.”

In response, Cuomo fired back, “Look, there is no Jewish media, cabal, mafia. That is a figment of either your imagination or a projection of a prejudice. You may have had bad business dealings with people, it’s about those people. It’s not about their religion or faith. And I know that you’re intelligent and understand that when you target people because of their faith, other people may do so the same.”

West responded, “And I don’t tolerate it as a Black person. What you just said was that you’re trying to say that there isn’t a collective. Over 50 percent of the executives and CEOs in Hollywood are Jewish. You can’t tell me what to do or feel.”

Cuomo repeatedly challenged the rapper, who continued to double down on his slurs.

“Every celebrity has Jewish people in their contract, this is not hate speech, this is the truth,” West claimed.

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At another point, the rapper brought up the controversial “White Lives Matter” shirt he wore at Paris Fashion Week.

“When I wore the White Lives Matter T-shirt, the Jewish underground media mafia already started attacking me,” he said. “They canceled my four SoFi stadium shows [in Los Angeles].”

West also vented about not being shown the respect in the media he thinks he deserves.

“They never call me a billionaire,” he said. “Tycoon, billionaire, visionary, inventor, these are never used.”

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Cuomo repeatedly fired back, telling West his comments “are not things you can say coming from a place of intelligence or love or anything productive.”

West began to melt down as Cuomo talked over him, prompting the rapper to say “la-la-la-la” to stop Cuomo from shutting him down.

Cuomo airs weeknights at 8 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. CT on NewsNation.

Watch the interview with Kanye West below.