Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Says Police ‘Stepped Over’ Her Body and ‘Chuckled’

Red Table Talk on Breonna Taylor (Credit: Facebook Watch)

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend has shared new details about the night his girlfriend was killed by police officers during a botched raid in 2020.

Kenneth Walker recounted the tragic events of that night during Wednesday’s episode of Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk.

Walker, who was the only witness to Taylor’s killing, told hosts Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield Norris police showed no remorse and “chuckled” after the shooting.

Taylor, a Black medical worker, was fatally shot in Louisville, Kentucky on March 13, 2020, after officers executed a falsified “no-knock” warrant in a narcotics investigation.

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Walker said police never identified themselves before they fired into Taylor’s apartment.

“So, you know, someone’s knocking on your door, at 1:00 in the morning, that’s weird. When I say, ‘Who is it?’ At least give some type of brief explanation of what’s going on. Breonna says, ‘Who is it?’ Loud. There’s no response,” Walker recalled.

[Watch the interview below]

Breonna’s mother Tamika Palmer and her sister Ju’Niyah Palmer also appeared on the episode.

“If you would have told her who you were, she would have opened the door because she’s one of those people. She’s never been in trouble in her life,” Tamika Palmer said.

Walker was legally armed and said he believed someone was breaking into the home. He fired a shot and injured an officer.

“I shot my gun. I just feel like, what other choice do I have?” he explained.

Police fired more than 30 shots at Taylor and Walker. After Taylor was  shot, Walker said he still didn’t know it was police who had opened fire. Officers outside the building told him to come outside. He was afraid he would be shot too, but wanted to get Taylor help and complied.

“So either they’re gonna shoot and kill me and then come help her, or they’re gonna talk to me and then come help her. Either way, I have to come outside,” he said.

The RTT episode included police footage from that night. The video showed officers yelling at Walker to “keep walking backwards.” Someone asked if he’d been shot and when he replied “no,” a male voice said, “That’s unfortunate.”

Walker said to the officers through tears, “What is this about? We’re both just regular working people!”

He told them, “My girlfriend is dead.”

“One of the SWAT team tried to help, and they told him, ‘She’s dead. Leave her alone,’” Ju’Niyah Palmer said.

“One of them stepped over her. And he was like, ‘Oh, she’s gone.’ And they kind of, like chuckled,” Walker said.

Taylor, 26, was killed by officers investigating two men they said were selling drugs out of a different location. But a judge signed a warrant granting police permission to search Taylor’s residence because officers said one of the men had previously used her apartment to receive packages.

An affidavit in the case was released on Sep. 6, 2022, and revealed detectives went with their “gut feeling,” and falsified evidence to search Taylor’s apartment when they couldn’t find proof that it was being used for drug trafficking.

You can watch the full episode of Red Table Talk below.