Bravo Addresses Online Attacks on Garcelle Beauvais’ Son

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12. (Credit: Bravo)

Bravo has responded to the online threats targeting the teenage son of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais.

The network issued a statement Wednesday night on Twitter condemning the attacks.

“We are shocked and appalled at the social comments directed at Garcelle’s son,” the statement read. “We urge our viewers and social followers alike to refrain from targeting our cast and their families with harmful rhetoric.”

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The statement came after Beauvais’ son Jax, one of her 14-year-old twins featured on the series, revealed viewers have been sending him hateful messages on Instagram.

Jax posted a video on his Instagram Story Tuesday showing vile comments he received, including a death threat.

There was one comment in particular that Jax captioned “too far at this point.” The racist post suggested the biracial teen should be treated the same way as George Floyd who died in 2020, when a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck.

“You’d have your neck kneeled on if it weren’t for your white daddy, [Hollywood manager Michael Nilon]. Tell your mom to leave Diana alone or you’ll deal with us,” the comment read.

Garcelle Beauvais Son Shared Death Threat

Beauvais took to Twitter to condemn the hateful comments.

“I’m usually a very strong woman. I’ve been raised to be strong, my life has taught me to be strong, but when it comes to my kids!” she tweeted. “It hurts, it’s not OK. I’ve been in tears all night, it’s just a TV show people, scream at your TV, throw something at your TV, but leave our kids alone.”

Lisa Rinna put her differences with Beauvais aside to show support for her co-star.

“We are doing a tv show,” she wrote in a statement on her Instagram Story. “We try to entertain you—why can’t you treat it like wrestling for gods sakes love us—love to hate us but leave the kids alone!”

Beauvais joined RHOBH in 2020 for season 10 and is now in her third season on the series.