‘Belle Collective’ Season Finale Brings Apology and Proposal

Latrice and Marie have a discussion on the season finale of 'Belle Collective.' Credit: YouTube/OWN

Friday night’s season finale of OWN’s Belle Collective saw relationship and business drama come full circle for the show’s five businesswomen in Jackson, Mississippi.

Naturally there was tension — including a questionable apology — but without a little drama it wouldn’t be reality TV.

The episode started with Lateshia hosting a dinner to celebrate Black love with her closest friends and their partners. Lateshia’s husband Glen, who had been pushing her to sign a contract regarding her business profits, made a grand gesture by ripping up the contract and getting down on one knee to re-propose.

Latrice and husband “Zaddy” Cliff mended their differences at the launch of her natural hair care product line. They also talked about how their success as a couple has helped them in their business venture as well.

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Marie started to find her own happy ending with her “friend” who supported her at the opening of her new mental health facility.

The point where the drama peaked was during Dr. Antoinette’s long-awaited “Sip and See” dental practice reveal.

Dr. Antoinette had the support of her new beau, who flew in to see her and her closest friends, but the tension between Marie and Latrice simmered despite the festive atmosphere.

Latrice decided to extend a proverbial olive branch and took Marie aside to discuss their issues. “I just want to extend, you know, my apologies and say that anything that I’ve said, like I’m not that person,” she said.

“I accept your apology and I just want you to know — my intent was not to tarnish your brand at all. From the bottom of my heart, going forward, I think that it’s a teaching moment for me and a teaching moment for you,” Marie responded.

Fans of the show didn’t think Marie’s apology was sincere, yet applauded Latrice’s maturity.

Twitter user @carlamechele tweeted: “Very big of Latrice to apologize to Marie because she wasn’t wrong at all- and Marie is still unwilling to be accountable.”

@MsKiraSPEAKS tweeted:”The convo between Latrice and Marie was a little weird but it was big of Latrice to have it.”
@mrsemcneal wrote: “Honey the way Latrice became the bigger, and more mature woman who apologized to Marie when she was not in the wrong to begin with? That is boss grown woman moves! I wish you much success!

At the end of the show, some bombshell revelations were dropped during a tease for next week’s two-part reunion special, including Glen possibly having an affair and a baby with another woman, Tambra preparing to have a family with her “baby daddy” and Latrice and Marie still not fully squashing their beef.

The ladies will all come together next week for the Belle Collective reunion special airing Friday, March 19 at 10/9c on OWN.

Watch a clip below of Latrice and Marie’s discussion on the season finale: