‘Basketball Wives’ Episode 3: Evelyn and Jennifer Stir Up MORE Trouble

Basketball Wives Episode 3 Evelyn and Jennifer (Credit: VH1)

Each week someone on Basketball Wives hosts a get together for the ladies, and each week the gathering goes sideways.

On Monday night’s episode on the VH1 reality series, there were two parties and neither went well.

First, CeCe treated the ladies to a party at her spa, complete with skincare treatments, drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Unfortunately things got off to a rocky start as soon as Evelyn and Jennifer walked through the door.

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CeCe confronted the two about rumors they started that she was sleeping with men at the gym and giving happy endings to male clients at her medical spa.

Kristen was the one who told CeCe what they said, but Jennifer and Evelyn insisted Kristen didn’t tell her the whole story – that they were just joking.

Jennifer played the victim and confronted Kristen at the spa party.

“Evelyn and I had a conversation with CeCe, and CeCe said you never told her that the happy ending comment was a joke,” Jennifer said.

As Kristen looked at her completely confused, Jennifer dropped this gem: “I’m not fu—– messy. I’m in a bunch of sh– that I can’t be dealing with no messy sh– with some fu—– chicks.”

Alrighty then.

Kristen fired back, “That’s the last thing I am is messy.”

Evelyn then unloaded on Kristen, and CeCe gave all of them the side eye.

CeCe was mad, but took the highroad and decided to just let it go.

“I don’t even care anymore,” she said, but admitted in a confessional interview that Jennifer and Evelyn are “mean girls.”

Later in the episode, there was more drama when Jackie’s friend Ogom “OG” threw a pool party and invited everyone along.

The ladies got a good laugh at Jackie’s Africa-inspired party attire.

Then Jennifer suggested Evelyn and Tami sit down and talk through their issues.

Not a good idea!

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Tami said she had a problem with Evelyn donating to the GoFundMe page Jackie’s daughter’s started after her child was injured. Tami accused Evelyn of only donating to make Jackie’s family look bad.

Evelyn disagreed with Tami, who called Jackie over to join the conversation.

Oh boy, here we go.

Jackie traded a few verbal insults with Evelyn, but surprisingly Mrs. Christie didn’t completely lose it.

Then it was back to Tami, who demanded Evelyn do the Tami impression she’d been hearing about.

Evelyn said she was only having a little fun with the impressions, just like Tami has fun with her Bonnet Chronicles comedy routines.

Evelyn refused to do the impression but threw plenty of shade Tami’s way, including mocking her wigs.

The bickering continued from there, with a tease for next week’s show suggesting things are really going to get out of hand.