‘Bad Hair’ Trailer: Killer Weave Goes for Blood in Justin Simien Film (Video)

Bad Hair (Credit: Hulu)

Dear White People director Justin Simien’s latest project is here to scare and educate you. The trailer dropped Thursday for Simien’s latest film, Bad Hair, about a killer hair weave that’s out for blood.

The film — which will be available on Hulu starting Oct. 23 — is a horror satire set in 1989. It follows an “ambitious young woman who gets a weave” to succeed in the image-obsessed world of music video television.

From the looks of the trailer, it has everything from a gritty take on Black culture to fear inducing scenes of pure horror.

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Justin Simien on the red carpet for a TV One event. Courtesy of Despositphotos
Justin Simien attends a TV One event. (Credit: Despositphotos)

The film stars Elle Lorraine in the lead role as Anna. Other notable cast members include, Vanessa Williams, Jay Pharoah, Lena Waithe, James Van Der Beek and Kelly Rowland to name a few. Simien was inspired by Get Out and how horror blends perfectly with the experience of being black in America.

“[Anna]’s constantly being presented with choices that are not real choices. You know, like you got to get a weave or get fired, or you have to get these women on board or you lose your friendships,” he told The Wrap while premiering the film at Sundance. “These things are like, ‘Oh, this is gonna empower me.’ But actually, it does something else that ensnares her just a little bit further. And I don’t know, that’s my experience being Black in America. And I feel like it’s even worse for Black women. That’s because in a dog eat dog system, you take what you can get. There’s a lot of times the choice is really not a choice. And I kind of wanted to point that out.”

Check out the trailer for Bad Hair below.