August Alsina Responds to Report He Laughed at Chris Rock’s ‘Entanglement’ Jokes

August Alsina sat down for an interview with Angela Yee on Jun 30, 2020. (Credit: YouTube)

August Alsina, the singer who had an “entanglement” with Jada Pinkett Smith, insists there’s no truth to a report he watched Chris Rock’s live Netflix comedy special and found it hilarious.

On Tuesday, Page Six published an article that quoted a source claiming Alsina watched Chris Rock: Selective Outrage and thought it “was not only funny but truthful.”

But a rep for Alsina denied the claims, telling Entertainment Tonight, “This is a lie.”

“Mr. Alsina has not seen Chris Rock’s special at all, as he’s been busy on tour,” the rep added.

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During the hour-long special, Rock addressed getting slapped by Will Smith at last year’s Oscars. The comedian said there was much more going through Smith’s mind on the night of March 27, 2022, than Rock’s joke about Jada Pinkett Smith starring in a G.I. Jane sequel because of her shaved head.

“Will Smith practices selective outrage, because everybody knows what the f–k happened,” Rock said. “Everybody that really knows, knows I had nothing to do with that sh-t.”

Rock claimed Smith was actually angry about the humiliation he suffered by appearing on his wife’s Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk, to discuss her “entanglement” with August Alsina.

“I didn’t have any entanglements. I did not have any entanglements. And for people that don’t know, and everybody else, Will Smith’s wife was f–king her son’s friend. Okay,” Rock said.

“Now, I normally would not talk about this sh-t. But for some reason, these ni–as put that sh-t on the internet. I have no idea why two talented people would do something that f–king low down. What the f–k? We’ve all been cheated on. Everybody in here has been cheated on,” Rock said. “None of us has ever been interviewed by the person that cheated on us, on television. None of us! It’s like, ‘Hey, I was suckin’ somebody else’s dick. How’d it make you feel?’”

“She hurt him way more than he hurt me,” Rock added.

Selective Outrage premiered Saturday and is currently the #1 streaming show on Netflix in the U.S.