Andrea Kelly Vows to Sue Lifetime for Using Her Image in ‘Part 2’ Trailer

Andrea Kelly (Credit: Lifetime)

R. Kelly’s former wife, Andrea “Drea” Kelly, has accused Lifetime of using recycled footage of her in the trailer for the upcoming docuseries Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning.

Drea said the network has a “lawsuit coming their way” for making it look like she participated in the follow-up to Surviving R. Kelly.

“When they brought the idea to me, I let them know that in no way, shape, form, or fashion will I be a part of it,” Drea told TMZ Live on Wednesday, shortly after the trailer was released.

The dancer and choreographer said she didn’t like the way R. Kelly’s alleged victims, including herself, were treated following the first docuseries.

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Drea said Lifetime did not provide the women with adequate security.

“I’m not happy with the aftercare and how the victims and survivors were handled throughout this entire process,” she explained. “It was pretty much, ‘we got our ratings. We got our marketing dollars. We got our numbers, goodbye. See you. Whatever happens happens.'”

Drea was married to R. Kelly for 13 years. They share three children and divorced in 2009, amid allegations of “emotional and physical abuse.”

After Surviving R. Kelly aired, Drea said she faced backlash from the singer’s fans — which was one of the reasons she refused to participate in the follow-up. She said she told Lifetime and the production company behind the docuseries not to contact her family members about Part II, yet they did anyway.

“They reached out to my children without my permission. They reached out to my family members without my permission,” she said.

Lisa Van Allen, another R. Kelly accuser, is also unhappy with Lifetime. She took to Instagram Wednesday to blast the cable network for including her in the trailer for the follow-up, after she “respectfully declined” to participate.

“I didn’t approve and was unaware of any use of my face, name, footage, stills new or old of my likeness to promote the show or to be on the show,”  Van Allen wrote.

“So they used old footage of me. This is very deceptive to the viewers. If I am a part of any other TV show, doc, etc, I will have some creative control. I will not be put in a box. I’m past that & I earned that right to be in control of my own content,” she said.