‘Amazing Grace’ Trailer: Aretha Franklin Brings Church Folks to Their Feet

A new trailer for long-awaited Aretha Franklin concert documentary, Amazing Grace, has been released.

The two-minute video features the late music legend delivering a soul-stirring performance of the titular Christian hymn.

The performance was recorded in 1972 by legendary filmmaker Sydney Pollack at New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in South Los Angeles. With backing from a community choir, Franklin brought people in the church to their feet, with some folks dancing in the aisles.

Producer Alan Elliott, who bought and digitally restored the footage in 2007, initially tried to premiere Amazing Grace in 2011. But the release never happened because of legal issues.

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At a Q&A session last month during the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, Elliott said once he got permission to release the film, he couldn’t find a company that would bring it to audiences.

“Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Apple didn’t bid on it at all,” he said.

Distribution company Neon picked up North American rights in December 2018, and the concert film will be released in April.

Watch the Amazing Grace trailer above.