Adam Sandler and Chris Rock Sing About Getting Fired From ‘SNL’

Chris Rock and Adam Sandler (Credit: NBC)

They both got the boot and they both got the last laugh on SNL.

Adam Sandler returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend, 24 years after his stint as a cast member on the NBC sketch comedy series abruptly ended.

During his opening monologue, Sandler launched into a song called “I Was Fired,” about being shown the door while he was a regular on show.

“I was fired. I was fired, so sad to tell. Well, I never saw it coming. I got fired from SNL,” he sang. “Between seasons I heard a nasty rumor, that I was getting the sack. I tried to call Lorne Michaels, but he never called me back.”

Sandler admitted he was joking, and that the SNL creator did actually return his call.

“Maybe they were sick of Canteen Boy,” he sang about his old character. “But I think they just hate the Jews. I was fired, not rehired. Well it made me sad and blue.”

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He then turned to Chris Rock — who worked on the series during Sandler’s run in the ’90s — for a surprise cameo in the bit.

“Why’d you ever leave the show? I don’t understand,” Sandler asked the Top Five actor and director.

“I got fired,” Rock sang to applause. “I was fired. I was fired by NBC. Then I went on In Living Color. Three weeks later they took it off TV.”

Rock stepped off stage and current SNL regular Pete Davidson entered the picture.

“I was fired. I was fired,” Davidson belted out. Sandler reminded him that he still had a job and hadn’t been fired (yet).

“I wasn’t? How’s that even possible?” Davidson quipped.

Sandler warned him not to get comfortable.

“I don’t know, but be patient because it’s coming soon,” he joked.

The Waterboy and Big Daddy star ended his tune by belting out an insult aimed at NBC.

“NBC said I was done. Then I made over $4 billion at the box office, so I guess you could say I won.”

This weekend was Sandler’s first time hosting SNL since he left the show in 1995.