Whoopi Goldberg Clashes With Meghan McCain During Abortion Rights Exchange

The View Abortion Debate on Thursday, June 28, 2018. (Credit: ABC)

Whoopi Goldberg got fed up with Meghan McCain Thursday on The View, as the panel discussed Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s announcement that he plans to retire.

McCain said she was “thrilled” that President Trump will soon have an opportunity to select another Supreme Court justice who could vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“I’m happy that we’re going to get another Supreme Court nominee, especially as a pro-life, pro-gun, strict constitutionalist Republican,” McCain said.

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Goldberg countered by saying she was tired of conservatives complaining that the rest of the nation wants to take away their gun rights, as they chip away at a woman’s right to choose.

“I don’t like hearing, again, that I’m trying to take your rights way. Because I have to tell you – as a woman, I think you’re trying to take my rights away,” Goldberg said.

“As a person who believes in the Constitution, which tells me that I have the right to be myself and do the things I want to do, and I don’t have to listen to what your religion is, and I don’t have to listen to what you want it to be,” Goldberg continued. “I have to make sure that as an American citizen, I’m doing the right stuff and taking care of business.”

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Goldberg then said Trump and many other Republicans don’t care about anyone’s rights but their own.

“I don’t like this line that I, as a Democrat or an Independent, or whatever, is trying to take away anything from you. I’m trying to hold onto my personal rights, so that you can have the rights you want,” she added.

“See, because if you take mine, you’re the one with the problem. If you take my right away from me, to judge what I do for my family and my body, I got a little problem with that. You got a problem, you don’t want people to take your guns? Well, get out of my behind.”

Co-host Sara Haines noted that conservatives seem more worried about babies that haven’t been born yet, than they are about children suffering on the U.S.-Mexico border.