Wendy Williams Says She’s Planning a TV Return and Wants to Join ‘The View’

Wendy Williams is eyeing a comeback and The View is part of her plan.

The former daytime TV talk show host recently told photographers she’s “formerly retired,” and would like to do something similar to Joy Behar or Whoopi Goldberg.

Photographers spotted Williams walking into a Petco store in New York City earlier this week. A video posted on YouTube by NYCPap showed Williams telling photographers, “Petco, where my pets go.”

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Photos posted by The Sun showed the paparazzi following her around the store as she filled a shopping cart with supplies for her cats.

She struck up a conversation with the paparazzi and made a string of bizarre statements.

“I’m shopping for kitty litter because I have a wax museum in Paris and one in California,” Williams said. “I’m going for a week in Paris and then three weeks in California and then immediately fly back.”

Without prompting, the longtime media personality started talking about her career and said she’s ready to get back to work.

“I want to be on TV, stuff like Seth Meyers, Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, The View,” she said. “Stuff like that. I’m formerly retired.”

She then pushed her fully-loaded cart to the checkout line and asked the photographers to “respectfully” leave her alone.

Williams long-running daytime talk show ended in June 2022, after 13 years on air.

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An exposé published by The Hollywood Reporter in August 2022, said producers decided to end the show after months of chaos on the set, and Williams’ absences, addiction and health problems.

“Everybody on that staff and crew witnessed all kinds of things,” a show insider told THR.

Williams didn’t make a single appearance on the final season on the show and guest hosts were brought in, including former The View co-host Sherri Shepherd, who now has her own syndicated daytime show.

A month after the THR article came out, Williams entered a wellness facility to address “overall health issues.”