Tyler Perry’s ‘A Fall from Grace’ Trailer Sparks Intense Debate on Twitter

Tyler Perry a Fall From Grace (Credit: Netflix)

Netflix released the trailer Friday for Tyler Perry’s new romantic thriller A Fall From Grace.

The film, which will be released on Jan. 17, centers on Grace Waters (Crystal Fox), who was recently divorced and falls for a younger man named Shannon, played by Mehcad Brooks.

Grace can’t believe her good fortune and marries Shannon. Unfortunately, their dream relationship turns into a nightmare when he steals her identity and money from the company where she works, then frames her for the crime. Shannon disappears, leading police to believe he’s been killed, and Grace ends up in jail.

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Perry wrote, directed, and has a role in A Fall from Grace, with Phylicia Rashad, Bresha Webb, and Cicely Tyson rounding out the main cast.

After the trailer for the film dropped, Perry became a top trending topic on Twitter. While some social media users said they plan to watch the movie, others accused Perry of recycling storylines and reinforcing stereotypes about black women.

“Tyler Perry refuses to produce a show that doesn’t involve the emotional abuse, torture, and beating of the downtrodden black women,” one person tweeted.

“It is true that Tyler Perry is DEFINITELY obsessed with Black women trauma. Every time he releases a movie it is always something like this,” another person wrote.

Someone else said, “Anytime a Tyler Perry movie come out, you pretty much know what the movie is gonna be about. Just a different story but the same narrative.”


While another said, “There are so many black filmmakers Tyler Perry could be spotlighting from that studio. Instead he gives us…this.”


But many others defended the filmmaker and said they enjoy his work.

“Tyler Perry makes movies about things that happen in real life,” a fan tweeted. “People get mad cause he doesn’t make that fairy tale shit y’all are used to seeing on T.V.”

“People must leave Tyler Perry and go make their own films if they’re not impressed,” someone else tweeted.


“I won’t stop watching Tyler Perry movies just because tweeps feel he needs a new narrative… make your own movies where you can choose the narrative,” someone else tweeted. “Most def watching a fall from Grace.”

“I love Tyler Perry and his movies,” another person tweeted


Regardless of the debate on Black Twitter, A Fall From Grace arrives on Netflix Jan. 17.

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  1. Tyler Perry is going to do Tyler Perry. With that said there are so many black women today who has lost there life from being in a domestic violence relationship do we really need to see a show involving a woman being abuse? No. Just turn the news on and there it is. What we do need is a movie that shows how to put and end to domestic violence.

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