Trump Spars With CBS Reporter at White House Briefing: ‘You Ought to Be Ashamed’

President Trump and CBS reporter Weijia Jiang (Credit: C-Span)

President Donald Trump clashed with a CBS reporter at the daily White House coronavirus briefing.

The latest exchange happened Friday, when correspondent Weijia Jiang asked Trump about comments made a day earlier by his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner.

Jiang pressed Trump on what Kushner meant at Thursday’s briefing when he referred to the Strategic National Stockpile of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies as “our stockpile,” suggesting it wasn’t for the 50 states.

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Trump immediately defended Kushner, and chided Jiang for asking a “gotcha” question.

“When he says ‘our,’ he’s talking about our country. He’s talking about the federal government,” Trump said. “It’s such a basic and simple question and you try and make it sound so bad. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

Jiang refused to back down. She noted that the official description of the stockpile on government websites had been changed since Kushner’s comments and told Trump, “I’m just trying to understand.”

“‘Our’ means for the country and ‘our’ means for the states, because the states are part of the country,’ Trump replied.

Jiang continued with her questions, prompting Trump to cut her off and complain about her “nasty tone.”

Earlier this week, Trump clashed with PBS NewsHour correspondent Yamiche Alcindor.

She asked a question at Sunday’s briefing about Trump’s recent claim that state leaders don’t need as much medical equipment as some are requesting, prompting him to insult Alcindor.

“Why don’t you people — why don’t you act in a little more positive. It’s always trying to get you, get you, and you know what, that’s why people don’t trust the media anymore,” he said.