Los Angeles News Anchor Tony McEwing Reveals Bell’s Palsy Diagnosis

Tony McEwing (Credit: KTTV)

Longtime Fox 11 Los Angeles news anchor Tony McEwing has shared details on why he’s been absent from the morning newscasts for the last couple of weeks.

In a Friday, Feb. 21 Facebook post , McEwing revealed he was recently diagnosed with Bell’s palsy.

“Many of you have noticed that I haven’t been on the air for the last couple of weeks and have been wondering where I’ve been,” he began. “Just over two weeks ago, I went to bed and when I woke up, the right side of my face was partially paralyzed. No warning. Nothing. I was diagnosed later that day with a condition called Bell’s palsy.”

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The Good Day LA co-anchor went on to say his case is considered “relatively mild,” but he won’t be able to return to the anchor desk until he gets better.

“The silver lining here is that the condition is typically temporary and the overwhelming majority of people recover fully,” McEwing explained. “In fact, I’ve already started to see signs of recovery. It just takes time. In the meantime, I’m staying positive and prayerful.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, Bell’s palsy causes sudden, temporary weakness in facial muscles. As a result, the face droops and the smile becomes one-sided. The exact cause is unknown, but it’s believed to be caused by swelling and inflammation of the nerve that controls the muscles on one side of the face.

McEwing joined Fox 11, KTTV in 1993, according to his station bio. The longtime morning newscaster previously worked for KXTV in Sacramento and WDSU in New Orleans.

7 thoughts on “Los Angeles News Anchor Tony McEwing Reveals Bell’s Palsy Diagnosis

  1. Good luck Tony. I had Bell Palsy in mid October 2018. It lasted about two weeks. I got it while eating lunch. I was prescribed from the doctor some anti-viral and steroid medication. Get well soon!

  2. I had Bell’s Palsy shortly after taking H1N1 “nasal” vaccine back when this was a big scare. I did not know that “nasal” vaccine was “live” virus which I vow will never to take again. I resorted to acupuncture therapy for the first time where I had many needles on my face. I hate needles, but I had to try and it worked for me. Got it done early which may have helped. Praying for you, Tony, for quick recovery! God bless!

  3. Get well soon, Tony…I miss you…I love your personality and beautiful character…You’re greatest news anchor!!!

  4. Uncle Tony I will be praying for you this is your nephew Darryl Foster I’m your brother’s Robert son and my sister is Michelle Foster it has been over 40 years since we have seen one another, Me and my mom were just thinking about you and I was telling her how much fun it was to come over to visit you and grandma and your cat black and white Snoopy I would love to talk with you.

  5. My son has Bell’s palsy He is an executive chef in Napa Valley it doesn’t seem to hinder his job at all. It seems to come on more when he’s under stress. Totally regardless of the Bell’s palsy I hope you return soon our family misses you and looks forward to your return.

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