Tiffany Haddish Breaks Down During Laugh Factory Routine

Tiffany Haddish brought the house down Saturday night at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles.

During her set at the famous Sunset Strip comedy club, Haddish joked about being thrifty, taking a sabbatical from sex, receiving a car from Tyler Perry and being gifted the wardrobe from her upcoming film, Night School, with Kevin Hart.

Haddish warned fans they’ll see the outfits over and over, because she believes in recycling.

“All my sh– is recycled. F–k that. I save all my dollars. I been broke too motherfu–ing long to be wasting money on fabrics that I can reuse,” she quipped.

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She also joked about her role in Perry’s upcoming comedy, Nobody’s Fool. She said the director’s rapid-fire production method caught her off guard.

“We shot that whole movie in ten days. I don’t know if it’s gone be any good,” she said to laughter.

“I don’t know if this sh–’s gone be funny. I don’t know what the continuity is gonna look like,” she joked. “I don’t know if in one scene, I’m gonna have three hairdos. I don’t know.”

Then someone in the audience yelled, “Tell us about the car!”

The man was referring to the new Tesla Model X Haddish revealed on Instagram Friday, that Perry gave her as a thank you for her work on Nobody’s Fool.

Haddish said during her stand-up routine that she gets emotional every time she talks about the car because no one ever gave her anything so extravagant.

“That old belief was that I’m the only one that can give me what I’m worth. No one else can give me what I’m worth. That’s what I always thought, and then here goes someone who comes out of the blue, who like, OK, I did my job and I’m out…” she said through tears.

After Haddish regained her composure, she joked, “I didn’t have to suck no di-k. I didn’t have to play with no balls or nothing. Like, I just had to do my job.”

Once she finished her set, she got a standing ovation.