‘The View’ Erupts With Whoopi Goldberg Telling Meghan McCain ‘Girl, Please Stop Talking’

Sparks flew Monday on The View, with Whoopi Goldberg telling Meghan McCain: “Girl, please stop talking.”

Tensions escalated during a discussion about the impeachment process surrounding President Donald Trump’s July phone call to Ukraine.

Joy Behar criticized Trump for refusing to testify before House members, while Sunny Hostin bashed Republican senators who voted to impeach President Bill Clinton but say they’re against impeaching Trump.

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McCain chimed in, saying conservatives don’t support the process and it isn’t doing Democrats any favors.

“My job here is not to litigate the ethics of it. I’m an ABC political analyst along with being a View co-host,” McCain began. “My job is to analyze the politics of it…”

Hostin interrupted her, prompting McCain to say, “Let me finish, I let you talk. Let me finish.”

At that point, Whoopi Goldberg stepped in but McCain asked, “Do you want to hear a conservative perspective on the show ever?”

“Girl, please stop talking,” Goldberg scolded her. “Please stop talking right now.”

“No problem. I won’t talk for the rest of the show,” McCain responded.

Goldberg shot back, “I’m okay with that, if you’re going to behave like this.”

“I’m not behaving like anything,” McCain said. “I’m trying to show conservative perspective.”