‘The DL Hughley Show’ Ending on TV One After Eight Months

The DL Hughley Show (Credit: YouTube/TV One)

Less than a year after The DL Hughley Show launched on TV One, the late-night series is ending.

The cable network made the announcement Thursday on Twitter, saying tonight’s broadcast would be the last.

The DL Hughley Show will air its final episode tonight so DL can focus on his nationally syndicated radio show,” TV One tweeted at 8:33 p.m. ET. “Thank you to all the fans who have watched nightly! And don’t worry, that DL political commentary you love, isn’t going anywhere. Catch DL on a radio station near you!”

Hughley followed it up with a tweet of his own, saying the show would be looking for a new home, where “nobody can tell me what to do.”

“If you’re a fan of the DL HughleyShow thank you!!!! We’re leaving TV One but stay tuned,” he tweeted two hours later. “We’ll be announcing soon where we’re going. This time I can drink & nobody can tell me what to do. #TeamDl #ThankU4RockinWithUs.”

The nightly series premiered on March 18, 2019, and was shot in Burbank, California.

It featured the outspoken actor and comedian, along with co-host Jasmine Sanders, using humor to address hot button issues. The show aired Monday through Thursday nights.

Among the pair’s many celebrity guests were Cedric the Entertainer, George Lopez, Morris Chestnut, Meagan Good, Erica Campbell, Tommy Davidson, Bobby Brown, Jeremy Piven, and Tito Jackson.

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The interviews were often raw and real, and featured Hollywood stars sharing little-known stories, including when Chestnut admitted Steven Seagal was a nightmare to work with. [Watch the video below]

In a sit-down interview with Urban Hollywood 411 in June, Hughley said no topic was too hot for him to handle.

“I don’t believe that any topic is off limits,” he said.

Although the comedian did admit conversations about religion and the black church could sometimes get uncomfortable.

“When it comes to religion, that is a very sticky point for a lot of people. And so, those have been the most challenging,” he explained.

The DL Hughley Show was produced for TV One by Pygmy Wolf Productions, with D.L. Hughley and KP Anderson serving as executive producers.

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26 thoughts on “‘The DL Hughley Show’ Ending on TV One After Eight Months

  1. I’m sorry to see it go. It was truth, interesting and humorous. You addressed all issues that should make us think and help make life better for all.

  2. The Show was hella DOPE!!! Can’t wait to see where the Show ends up. #IllBeWatchinItAgain!!!

  3. It hasn’t been a week yet but I miss it already. This show was something I actually looked forward to seeing. I would share the story lines with family and friends. I appreciate what Dl and cast stands for. Love the fact that DL is a family man as well. Not only is he funny but a honorable black man. Someone for so many of us to look up to. Everyone on the show was great including all guests. I learned alot waching the show most of all the GED section. Can’t wait til it returns. Keep all the way 100%.

    1. Yeah his show was truth. I liked the second half of the show – the guests and a little note from the GED section.Very seldom was it a “little note”. Second time a black man speaking truth on tv gets shut down. Remember Roland Martin? Uh, by the way…..is Bill Maher still on tv? Just saying. And remember them chicks on NETWORK tv in the morning? They weren’t.drinking wine on tv… Oh, they were?.hmm…….

  4. Men please , I have been praying they cancel that useless show. It had no reason to be on the air , thank God TV one realize they were wastig good air time on the crap of a show . next is the radio show .

  5. I Loved this show I used to wait up at night just to watch this show then I would record it to make sure I didn’t miss anything DL Hugley you are a very Intelligent man your very out spoken you speak your mind and I think that’s why a lot of people didnt like you nor understood you..but who cares you spoke the Truth you investigation the facts before you shared them with us.I learned a Lot from watching your show I really enjoyed the interaction you had with your children and staff you also weren’t afraid to share your emotions not to many MEN share THEIR emotions on Family Finance Health Relationships your are an All Right Guy..Going to Miss You..but Where Ever You Go…Save Me A Seat ..lol I Love To Be Their Supporting You..Best Wishes?

  6. DL my husband and I watched and admired most your ability to speak the truth and the adoration which was quite evident you showed towards your children. We look forward to following you to your next stop

    1. Pond? A small body of water? You are showing the world who you are. Uneducated and just barely literate.

  7. I really appreciated DL’s commentaries. I agreed with him almost 100% of the time. He was outspoken and brave and I will miss him.

  8. Tell us where you are going and we will follow you! Most of what Black Folk needs in this world, will never come from Main Stream TV anyway! Never has, never will. Especially if the truth shows up!

  9. I miss this show. I don’t know what they did to DL but I believe they made a mistake letting him leave.

  10. Will miss the show,enjoyed your commentary at the end, Thank you for not being afraid to speak your mind and the truth, more people in Power should do the same, the world would be a different place.

  11. This show was entertaining, thought provoking and ground breaking for the black audience. DL touched on a wide variety of subjects great guest line up that you probably would not see on most networks. Thanks for the short time DL. Whoever made this decision is a fool.
    I guess we go back to reruns of good times and twerking contests and rap videos SAD day for black intelligent people.

  12. I am devastated the show was cancelled. I taped it EVERY night and never missed watching an episode. I learned SOMETHING every time I watched. Among many things – I appreciated his careful deliberation in hiring his children and benevolence in bringing along his colleagues. It’s a lesson for all African Americans to take note.
    DL’s voice NEEDS to be heard . He is sharp, witty and funny. I admire his fearlessness in speaking the truth -unapologetically. Please let us know where you will be. I will follow and will continue to encourage others to do the same.
    All the best.

  13. sorry for the consolation, it seem like these days nobody want to hear the truth, I applaude you DL for reconizing the truth. and the courage to tell it like it is. no sugar coating. I miss your show.

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