‘Tan Mom’ Patricia Krentcil on Life Support

Tan Mom Patricia Krentcil (Credit: ABC News)

Patricia Krentcil, a New Jersey woman known as “Tan Mom” for her unusually dark tan, is fighting for her life as she battles pneumonia, Us Weekly reported Sunday.

“Currently, she is still on life support (via the intubator) and in a medically induced sleep until her heart and lungs are strong enough to handle functioning on their own,” Krentcil’s songwriting partner Adam Barta told the publication. He said doctors plan to try and revive her on Monday or Tuesday.

Krentcil is hospitalized in Florida, where she recently moved to work on a music career. Her children are by her side.

“Her whole family, including kids from up in New Jersey, have relocated temporarily to be by her bedside in Florida,” Barta explained.

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Krentcil made headlines in 2012 after taking her daughter Anna, then five years old, to a tanning salon. The little girl suffered burns on her body and her school nurse notified authorities.

Police arrested Krentcil and she was charged with second degree child endangerment, but she insisted it was all a misunderstanding because her daughter was sunburned while playing outside. She pleaded not guilty and the charge was eventually dropped.

The mom of five admitted in a 2012 interview with ABC News that she had taken Anna to the tanning salon, but said the little girl waited and did not get a tanning treatment.

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“I never once in my life would let my daughter, especially at that age, go into a tanning booth,” Krentcil said in the interview.

She used the national attention to launch a music career and released a rap single titled “It’s Tan Mom.” She also made public appearances and had a role in an adult film.