Tamar Braxton Addresses Suicide Attempt and Domestic Abuse Claims in Emotional Interview

Tamar Braxton appears on the Tamron Hall show. (Credit: Tamron Hall)

Tamar Braxton spoke out about her suicide attempt and her breakup from ex-fiancé David Adefeso on the Wednesday episode of the Tamron Hall show.

The singer and reality star sat down with host Tamron Hall to discuss her mental health, the restraining order filed by Adefeso, and how she hopes to repair her relationship with her sisters.

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In July, Braxton was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles after she tried to take her life. On Wednesday, Braxton told Hall what was going through her mind before her hospitalization.

“I was living a complete lie and facade that I was okay for a long time, but I’m good now,” she said.

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Pressed by Hall to explain what she meant by “good,” Braxton responded, “Good is better than yesterday. Better than I was before.”

The Grammy-nominated singer also addressed her business relationship with WE tv. She alleged that the network pressured her into doing the new series Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!, saying the situation contributed to her depression.

“It was supposed to be about me having a one woman show, going on the road, and talking about my life after my divorce from Vince [Herbert],” Braxton told Hall, but instead she said the series portrayed her as an “angry Black woman.”

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In August, WE tv agreed to cut ties with Braxton, following her suicide attempt and a scathing letter she wrote saying she had been working in “systemic bondage.”

Earlier this month, Braxton’s older sister Toni Braxton made headlines after tweeting at Adefeso on Oct. 12 to leave her family and children alone.

In the Tamron Hall clip, Tamar Braxton tried to set the record straight about allegations that there was physical abuse in her relationship with Adefeso, who filed a restraining order against her in September.

“I am a survivor of a domestic violence relationship. And not at any point were David and I in an abusive relationship,” she said.

Later in the clip, the “Love and War” singer began to shed tears while talking about the fallout with her ex, and how he used to be her “best friend.”

“I loved David. He was my best friend. He was an amazing, amazing partner… And it’s just so hard, because through everything else, I never expected this from him,” Braxton said as she choked back tears.

Watch the video from the Tamron Hall show below.