Stevie Wonder Calls for Unity After Contentious Presidential Election


Stevie Wonder is urging Americans to come together following the yet-to-be-decided presidential election.

“I hope you made the right decisions for you, your family, your community, honoring your god. Whether you voted or not, you still have a choice,” Wonder said in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel on election day.

The 70-year-old music legend added, “After all the votes are counted, debated and litigated, what happens next? What choice will you make then? We still have the choice to love or hate, to show compassion, to show contempt, to advocate peace or violence.”

Wonder then said it’s time for change in the country. “We cannot continue to be a divided United States,” he shared. “We must heal.”

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During the five-minute video, the “Superstition” singer added that many Americans are treated differently due to racism.

“We cannot ignore that pain nor can we ignore how the past has shaped our present,” Wonder said.

He noted that the U.S. has not yet had an “honest and meaningful discussion” about reparations for slavery.

Wonder urged Americans to address these problems and to share the love they have for something with fellow citizens.

“The universe — it is still watching us,” he said as the video ended.

The Grammy-winning artist supported Joe Biden in the 2020 election. On Oct. 31, Wonder performed for a crowd in Detroit at a rally for the Democratic nominee and former vice president, and he made a video in the days leading up to the election asking Michigan to vote blue.

Watch his full YouTube video below.