‘SNL’ Skewers Cory Booker’s ‘Rehearsed’ Democratic Debate Performance

Saturday Night Live spoofed Wednesday’s Democratic debate with celebrity cameos, a shout-out to Madea, and a dose of mockery targeting Joe Biden and Cory Booker.

The sketch started with SNL cast member Melissa Villaseñor introducing herself as MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. Since the real debate was held at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Villaseñor welcomed everyone by saying “hellur” in a nod to Perry’s fast-talking stage persona, Madea.

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Woody Harrelson reprised his Joe Biden impression, and made fun of the former VP’s gaffes.

“America, I see you. I see the faces you all make when I talk. You’re scared, scared I’ll say something off-color or even worse, on color,” Harrelson said to laughter. “What I want you to know is, you should be scared, because I’m always one second away from calling Cory Booker ‘Barack.'”

Chris Redd played Booker, who crammed in several buzzwords, in an apparent attempt to connect with black voters.

“I’d like to respond,” he said. “But first, because I know this the only time I’ll be talking, I just want to say: Black church. Barbershop. Greens. Beans. Tomatoes. Potatoes!”

Redd then called out Harrelson’s Biden for not supporting legalized marijuana.

“Vice President Biden, I was stunned to hear that you don’t support the legalization of marijuana,” Redd said.

“In fact — rehearsed joke — I thought you were high when you said it. Huh!” Redd added, mocking Booker for delivering rehearsed lines.

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Kate McKinnon played Elizabeth Warren. Colin Jost was Pete Buttigieg. Bowen Yang portrayed Andrew Yang, and Cecily Strong was Tulsi Gabbard.

Jost’s Buttigieg was asked why he’s polling so low with black voters. “Maybe just because of this,” he said, gesturing to his face.

Will Ferrell, this weekend’s host, was an awkward Tom Steyer. Seinfeld co-creator and former SNL writer Larry David reprised his Bernie Sanders impression. SNL alum Fred Armisen played Michael Bloomberg. Rachel Dratch returned to play Amy Klobuchar, and Maya Rudolph portrayed Kamala Harris.

Rudolph’s Harris desperately tried to come up with a viral moment.

“The funt is back: America’s fun aunt. I’m also America’s cool aunt… I’m not going to worry about the polling numbers. I’m just going to have fun and see if I can get some viral moments. Mama needs a GIF,” she said.

Watch the video above.