Rapper Rollie Bands Killed After Taunting Enemies on Instagram

Tampa, Florida rapper Rollie Bands was fatally shot on July 22, 2022. (Credit: Instagram/@rolliebands)

Tampa, Florida rapper Rollie Bands was fatally shot over the weekend after posting a message on Instagram telling his enemies he was on his way home if they “want smoke.”

“A lot of these ni–as kno [sic] where I live at fr,” he wrote in an Instagram Story, according to a screengrab captured by media outlet Onsite! “I sleep in peace. If a ni–a want smoke I’m at my crib in 5 mins.”

A short time later, an adult male was gunned down in the parking lot of an apartment complex at 12708 Bruce B Downs Boulevard in Tampa, authorities said.

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The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office released a press release saying the shooting occurred on Friday, July 22, at 3:30 p.m., and the victim likely knew his killers.

“The victim was transported to a local hospital, where despite receiving lifesaving measures, he later died,” the sheriff’s office said. “At this time, the shooting does not appear random, as the suspects and victim are possibly known to each other.”

The gunman drove off before sheriff’s deputies arrived. It’s unclear how many suspects were involved.

Rollie Bands had six videos on his YouTube Channel. A music video for the single “Reminiscin'” was posted in April and had just over 25,500 views. Fans paid tribute to the up-and-coming rapper in the comments section on YouTube following news of his death.

“I live out here in Tampa and never heard of him til now n that’s sad. We can’t be tempting people while trying to elevate! Dude had a flow that would make it! RIP,” one person wrote.

“RIP, hella talent,” another person added.

“Rip to the upcoming goat in heaven, bless the gates with your awesome voice,” someone else posted.

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      1. I wish for you to go back to an earlier time in life and take a writing class…..enter and win some spelling bee contests.

    1. They’re all rappers. People with no talent making money off of people with no taste. Perfect symbiosis.

      1. It’s “da” same story:
        1) he was turning his life around.
        2) possibly a barber.
        3) aspiring rapper or just rapper.
        4) was going to community college.
        5) was a good boy.
        6) was gonna play basketball or football.

      2. Not sure if they’re making money, but for $300 you can get a laptop, a cheap mike, download some free software and you’re a rapper. Disrespek some other rapper and you’re a famous dead guy. For the price of a tat, you be sumbode’.

      1. I care because some innocent person or possibly a child could have been injured or killed. O. K. The dude had a death wish or just plain stupid, don’t expose others to danger. That said, Stat safe everyone,Bullets don’t care where they fly of whom they hit.

      1. Actually, bullets have a very specific direction. They don’t really have a choice in “where they fly”. It’s in the discretion of the person aiming the firearm and squeezing the trigger. Firearms aren’t the blame, the individual is.

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  2. So sad! Invite the homies over for the ritualistic passing of the marijuana smoking device, and get shot down instead.

  3. To think this nobody’s predictable death is getting the same attention as Paul Sorvino.

    No one cares.

    25k views? The “rapper obit” has become a jounalistic whoopie cushion.

    1. Rappers. One day you be composing. The next day you be decomposing. Gnome ‘sain?

  4. Pat…..I’d like to solve this puzzle…..rapper, crap talker, hood rat…..post mortem partna!!

  5. Is this stuff for real? The rapper? The name of the street? Name of the apartment? The comments on his youtube channel? It all reads like a crappy sitcom about retards in retard land.

  6. Golly. A black rapper killed by a black man? Must be that gosh-darn white supremacy again.

    1. unnecessary comment that just shows hatred for the other side- but you like that, you like being better than other people, don’t you? someone is dead – grow up

      Signed, another racist white dude

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    1. “Better to Find something to do, than something to do find you.” Rollie invited something to do to find him.

      Credit goes to John Malkovich.

  7. “I live out here in Tampa and never heard of him til now n that’s sad.”

    Yeah just like every other retard rapper that gets killed.. all the nigs and wigs either pretend like they knew them so they can pretend that they’re personally affected, or admit that they’d never heard of them but then act like they give a shit, or that everyone else should give a shit. Not only are these people rock-stupid– they’re a phony baloneys.

    1. And don’t forget the floral/teddy bear tribute at the scene of the crime…nothing says “I care” better (unless it’s a hand-lettered hashtag).

  8. The fact that someone believes his poor soul is in heaven is way more disturbing that his death. And I did check out his youtube page to make sure I was not misjudging him.

  9. What I think is sad. That not only this young man who dies, and is not in his eternity, that people, think that they can live anyway they want in this world, die, and go to heaven. It simply doesn’t work like that, you must be “born again”, we need Jesus! It is once appointed for a man to die, then comes judgement. Jesus, is coming back soon, and we must be ready!

  10. This guy was born to be a Watchcommander at NTC,,,, Ya filling me son!!!!!!

  11. Videos about a tech nerd showing how to change the battery in a key fob garner more than 25,000 views. Just sayin’…

  12. I’m o’er here. Come and get me. Blap blap blap!!! Shot in the parking lot of IQ apartments. Oh the irony.

  13. Talk smack, get shot. Remember when rap was fun? Those days are gone. They had it going on in the 80’s and 90’s, and then came this angry gangsta rap stuff and things went downhill. Public entertainment no more…

  14. For every Jaz-Z or Kayne, there are how many of these guys that no one knows about? This is all part of this realm/Matrix we live in. These guys are NPCs! Wake up America… Start thinking for yourself and turn off your TV. What do they call a shows on television? A PROGRAM! You are being programmed not to critically think for yourself. Same with the news. If we don’t want, does anything they say matter?

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    It goes:

    Play dem Sdupid GameZ, and U Win dos Sdupid PrizeZ, Yo. DatZ rite, Play dem Sdupid GameZ, and U Win dos Sdupid PrizeZ, Yo. I gotta go shoot up dat crib and be blasting’ dat phat cush, Cuz. And all my homies drinking 40s and making babies wit dat WAP, Cuz!”

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