Pro-Trump Contributor Jason Miller Exits CNN After ‘Abortion Pill’ Allegation

Jason Miller (Credit: CNN)

Former Trump aide Jason Miller announced Saturday he’s decided to “step away” from his job as a political contributor for CNN following the publication of court documents alleging he impregnated an unnamed woman, then secretly spiked her smoothie with an abortion pill.

Miller previouly served as communications adviser for the Trump campaign, and has been involved in a legal dispute with A.J. Delgado, another former Trump campaign staffer, with whom he fathered a child during an extramarital affair.

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On Friday night, the website Splinter News published court documents filed by Delgado in her ongoing custody dispute with Miller. Hours after the story was posted online, Miller announced he was leaving CNN.

“I have decided to step away from my role as a Political Commentator at CNN to focus on clearing my name and fighting the false and defamatory accusations made against me,” he said in a statement on Twitter.

Miller categorically denied the allegation that he spiked the woman’s beverage.

“To be clear, none of this is in any way true,” he wrote. “That doesn’t matter however in the current court of public opinion, where fraudulent statements and a lack of factual support rule the day as long as it fits into a tweet.”

The court documents filed by Delgado’s legal team in Florida on Sept. 14, accuse Miller of impregnating a woman he met at an Orlando strip club and secretly slipping her an abortion pill.

“Shortly thereafter, according to Jane Doe, Mr. Miller visited her at her apartment with a Smoothie beverage,” the court documents say.

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The unborn child died and the woman nearly died, according to the legal documents.

“Jane Doe herself was hospitalized for two days, the abortion pill possibly reacting with potential street drugs in her system at the time she drank the Smoothie,” the documents state.

The legal filing further alleges that “Mr. Miller then, in a panic, attempted to have Jane Doe sign a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”), presumably in exchange for a sum of money,”

A CNN spokesperson confirmed Miller is no longer with the company.

He is the second pro-Trump contributor to leave the cable network in a matter of weeks.

In August, Paris Dennard left the channel after The Washington Post published a story saying he was fired from a previous job for sexual harassment.