Obama Mocked by ‘EW’ Magazine for His 2022 Favorite Picks

Barack Obama HBCU Graduation Speech (Credit: YouTube)

Former President Barack Obama continued his annual tradition of sharing lists of his favorite movies, music and books.

On Friday, Obama posted his 2022 picks on social media, writing: “I always look forward to sharing my lists of favorite books, movies, and music with all of you.”

A few hours later, Entertainment Weekly took a swipe at the former president, suggesting he has too much free time.

“Unemployed and with plenty of time of his hands, former president Barack Obama shares annual list of favorite books, movies, and music,” the verified EW account tweeted.

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EW‘s post generated more than 100 comments — and many of Obama’s fans and followers were not happy.

“Wow! Truly disrespectful to one of the most impactful POTUS we’ve ever had. Delete this,” @danielmaycock

EW used to be a magazine. Now it’s just a bitter twitter account,” @hollydogfilms tweeted.

“First of all, Obama releases these lists every year, even when he was in the White House. Second of all, this man is not unemployed, he is an author, public speaker, etc. Ya know, those things former presidents do,” added @namjoonery.

“Do better he’s not unemployed, he’s retired,” tweeted @erikapitts40.

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For those who look forward to Obama’s lists, his favorite movies include Top Gun: Maverick; Till; The Woman King; Decision to Leave; and Descendant, although he noted he’s “biased” because the Netflix documentary — about the Alabama town where the last known slave ship to the U.S. arrived — was produced by his Higher Ground Productions.

Among Obama’s favorite books are “The School for Good Mothers” by Jessamine Chan; “Trust” by Hernan Diaz; “Sea of Tranquility” by Emily St. John Mandel; “The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams” by Stacy Schiff; and “The Light We Carry” by former first lady Michelle Obama, with Obama admitting, “I’m a bit biased on this one.”

His favorite music includes “The Heart Part 5” from Kendrick Lamar;  “Tití Me Preguntó” from Bad Bunny; “POF” from Ari Lennox; “Something in the Orange” from Zach Bryan; and “Last Last” from Burna Boy.

The links to Obama’s picks are below:
Favorite Books
Favorite Movies
Favorite Music