Niecy Nash Breaks Down Over Her Brother’s Death and Nashville School Shooting

Niecy Nash TikTok Video (Credit: TikTok)

An emotional and indignant Niecy Nash expressed her condolences for the victims of Monday’s Nashville school shooting, and called on lawmakers to focus on protecting children.

In a video uploaded to TikTok Monday, the actress discussed losing her 17-year-old brother, Michael Ensley, who died in a school shooting three decades ago.

“In 1993, my only brother was killed on his high school campus because somebody brought a gun to school,” she said. “It’s 2023, and these babies will never make it home to see their parents.”

Authorities have said three children and three adults were killed at The Covenant School in Nashville, when a former student shot through the doors of the Christian elementary school with an assault-style weapon.

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Nash noted that the family members of the victims will have emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

“Those parents will forever be in a space where they’re like, ‘What was the last thing I said? What was the last lunch I made? What was their last thought, experience? Did they call out for me?'” she said through tears.

The Emmy-nominated actress urged lawmakers to focus on measures to protect children instead of spending their time on issues like stopping drag shows and banning schools from teaching critical race theory.

“These are the wrong things. It’s the wrong thing, and it is indeed the wrong time. We are losing our way,” Nash said. “Some political groups are so focused on the wrong thing that our children are dying. And there ain’t no coming back from that.”

Nash added, “I am so sorry. And my prayers go out to those families, ’cause it’s a pain that I don’t wish on nobody,” she said. “School is the one place where children should be safe. Now, they’ll be safe getting on an airplane. But school? That’s another thing. And it shouldn’t be.”



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