Mike Tyson Recorded Punching Unruly Jetblue Passenger in Face Multiple Times

Mike Tyson (Credit: Shutterstock)

An unruly Jetblue passenger was left bloodied and probably bruised after tangling with Mike Tyson when the retired professional boxer seemingly lost it on a plane Wednesday night.

The April 20 incident happened around 10:30p.m. PT after Tyson boarded a flight from San Francisco International Airport to Florida.

TMZ posted video of the incident online. According to the website, Tyson punched the man in the face multiple times for annoying him.

A witness said Tyson was friendly with the other passengers at first, and even took pictures with some of them, including the man he eventually punched. The unnamed man was seated behind Tyson.

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The footage shows the man chatting excitedly behind Tyson’s seat as another passenger records the exchange. Things descended into chaos when Tyson apparently became annoyed that the passenger who would not leave him alone. Then suddenly the former heavyweight champ delivered several blows from over his seat. A source told TMZ the man was “intoxicated” and “wouldn’t stop provoking” the boxing legend.

“My boy just got beat up by Mike Tyson,” the passenger filming the incident said on the recording. “Yeah, he got f–ked up.”

Tyson exited the plane and the man who was punched received medical attention. He also spoke with police about the incident.

It’s unclear if charges will be filed against Tyson, although it’s almost a given the passenger with the bloody face will be looking for a payday.