LisaRaye McCoy Announces Her Mother’s Death in Heartfelt Post

LisaRaye and Katie McCoy (Credit: OWN)

LisaRaye McCoy’s mother, Katie McCoy has died, the actress and Fox Soul host announced on social media.

Katie passed away on Friday, Feb. 10, LisaRaye said in a heartfelt Instagram post on Feb. 11.

“I’m numb. I lost my mother last night,” the actress captioned a picture of her mom. According to published reports, Katie was 77.

“It was expected but never could I prepare. Being strong is what you taught me but I can’t say it applies today,” she added. “I will make your transition a celebration of memories that I’ll cherish. I’ll miss you.”

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The Players Club star did not disclose her mother’s cause of death. But on Feb. 8, LisaRaye appeared as a guest host on The Breakfast Club, and said Katie’s health was deteriorating.

“My mom is sick, so I’ve been taking care of her for the last couple of years, so I’m really honored to be able to spend that time with her. But it’s heavy and it’s stressful. It’s emotional,” she explained, adding that her mom, her daughter, her grandchild and her sister were all living in her home.

LisaRaye acknowledged that she and her mom had previously been at odds, but said they were growing closer.

“It’s no secret that we did Iyanla: Fix My Life a couple years ago, but the tables have turned,” LisaRaye said. “She’s not the strong, vibrant woman she was when she was raising me, so now I’m seeing my mom deteriorate in front of my face and it’s hard for me to even watch that. It’s hurtful, it’s emotional, it’s stressful.”

In 2020, the actress appeared on OWN’s Iyanla: Fix My Life with her mom, and daughter, Kai, in an episode titled “3 Generations, 1 Family Breakdown.”

The three had been living together in quarantine at LisaRaye’s home during the COVID-19 pandemic and sought help to address long-simmering family issues. Katie said on the episode that she was so tired of the bickering that she stayed in her room all day to avoid conflict.

LisaRaye returned to the self-help series a year later to continue her healing process.