Machete-Wielding Man Fatally Shot by LAPD Near Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Machete Shooting (Credit: KABC)

Los Angeles police officers fatally shot a machete-wielding man on Monday, after a bizarre incident that included a robbery, carjacking, and foot pursuit in the heart of Hollywood.

The LAPD said in a statement that the man robbed an auto parts store near Sunset Boulevard and Highland Avenue around 11:30 a.m. The area is only about two blocks from the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is usually filled with tourists.

According to KCBS-TV, the man tried to escape by carjacking a vehicle in the drive-thru at a nearby Chick-fil-A and crashed into two police cruisers a short time later.

Cell phone video obtained from a witness by KABC-TV reporter Miriam Hernandez showed the suspect running down the street as he was chased by officers.

Police can be heard shouting commands at the suspect who then turns and begins to chase one of the officers. That officer runs into the street and falls down. At that point, other officers yell at the machete-wielding suspect “don’t do it,” before they open fire on him.

The suspect was rushed to an area hospital where he died, police said. The officer who fell down suffered minor injuries.

TV news helicopter footage showed a pool of blood in the street near the machete.

The area where the shooting occurred has recently seen a surge in its homeless population and is becoming increasing more plagued with crime.