There’s a New Street Coming to Los Angeles – Obama Boulevard

President Barack Obama (Credit: White House)

Former President Barack Obama will soon have his name permanently etched on a Los Angeles street.

After months of planning and debate, the city council voted 15-0 Tuesday to change the name of Rodeo Road to Obama Boulevard.

“We’re thrilled that Angelenos and visitors will forever be reminded of the legacy of President @BarackObama when traveling across L.A.,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted Tuesday night.

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City Council President Herb Wesson proposed the name change last year.

At the time, he noted that Obama held a campaign rally on Rodeo Road, when he was running for president.

Not to be confused with Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Rodeo Road runs through parts of L.A.

The road is located near “president’s row,” a series of streets named after former U.S. presidents, including Washington Boulevard, Adams Boulevard and Jefferson Boulevard.

235 thoughts on “There’s a New Street Coming to Los Angeles – Obama Boulevard

      1. I didn’t think I’d ever cross over into the Soviet Republic of CA again, but, maybe I will go to sh*t on the Kenyan’s street. After all, all those he caused to be homeless will, and LA will charge taxes to clean it up

      2. That road will go though ghettos and homeless shelters. Maybe Garcetti can build Little Kenya along Obama Road too. FITTING!

      3. It’ll be the same as Martin Luther King Boulevard in ANY city-a good marker for you to know when you’ve entered the GHETTO.

      4. ?umor has it that the name will be liar street or commie avenue. Should be called crap street. Stupid is as stupid does. How about commiefornia.

      5. Stupid conservatives. Keep voting against your own interests. No wonders we can’t get any where in this country – half the population is just braindead.

    1. They should put a nice thick concrete divide right down the middle of his “boulevard”

    2. Nothing that CenFla can’t match–a street in SW Orange County (Orlando) named “President Barack Obama Ave”. Lightened, even!

      1. There are actually SIX roads in florida named after obama. I just heard that on the radio here in Tampa last week when they announced the 6th road that will bear his name.

        I don’t plan on going near any of them as I am sure the surrounding neighborhoods are just as ‘prosperous’ as the ones on every road named after MLK Jr. that I have had the misfortune of driving down.

    3. to appease the demonrats and minorities there will be no stop signs , signal lights or any traffic laws enforced on that street

      1. Good. Who would dare stop anyway? I drive straight thru’ all the red lights in Oakland.

      2. I’d have thought there’d be plenty of signals down the road…for all the virtue signalling the snowflakes will be doing there. Sorry a bit of a stretch I know–just like Obama’s road! (And I’m back!)

    4. I imagine the L.A. City council probably considers Mr. Obama more than a living person. Once elevated to leftist celebrity status, you are nearly worshipped and a street named after you barely touches on your magnificence.

    5. I wouldn’t go that far, there are a lot of Trump buildings around the world. Plus, I named our road after me!

      1. Trump buildings are named after President Trump’s efforts to actually BUILD that building.

    6. Suggestions : Barry the muslim Blvd., or bathhouse Barry Ave. Hopefully it will be in the bowery.

    7. Obama’s legacy — poverty, unemployment, an entrenched food stamp economy, and a Democrat party alliance and bankrolling of militant nuclear weapon seeking Iran.

    8. Shouldn’t it be named after an Hispanic person? After all what I have heard that 75% of the neighborhood is now mainly Hispanic.

    9. Rodeo Rd is a beat up old street you use to cheat the traffic on La Cienega Blvd. And to do it, you have to make an illegal U turn. How perfect!

    10. You can probably get pretty good BBQ on that street if you don’t mind dodging a few bullets.

    11. Adolf-Hitler-Platz mind..and Obama’s legacy may likely have his Boulevard with a similar fate.

    12. I think this will be the street where I will poop on the sidewalk. You know to keep up the Liberal tradition in utopian places such as San Fran.

    13. Prediction: It will become a drug sales and high crime street like every MLK Blvd is.

    14. Yeah, it’s probably OK for “The Messiah”. And it’ll be lined up on both sides with all the diseased homeless drug addicts obongo thought so much of in no time. And that’s as it should be for the individual who did so much damage to the country as he did for 8 long years.

    15. I agree. Unfortunately, the looney left wants to rename anything that is already named after a dead person – especially if that person lived in the south.

    16. Why modest Rodeo Rd? Why not rename San Vicente or Sunset in Brentwood? That is where all the money came from for anyone to know this guy’s name or the office it bought him and them. Why reward the nobodies on Rodeo Road?

  1. Pretty shortsighted. LA is gonna want to change it back when Obama gets convicted for weaponizing the CIA, FBI and Department of Justice to spy on President Trump.

    1. Blacks don’t care about that stuff – only that he’s black. (he threw his white mom under the bus a long time ago).

  2. Obama Blvd – Where electric cars, rent controlled apartments, free substandard medical and the world’s homeless live in harmony.

  3. If the street is named for Obama it must not go anywhere , as Barack so handsomely did for 8 years !!

  4. Let’s see now… Braaaaack won the Nobel Peace Prize three months into his time in office and then proceeded to drone the Hell out of just about every living thing in the Middle East and beyond. He appointed Chicago crooks to head many agencies of government, thus taking the fetid Mob Model of government to the national level. And he behaved like the petulant child emperor he thought he was. And now L.A. is naming a street after him? How about calling it Spoiled Brat Blvd???

  5. Right up there with whoever decided to name a street after MLK.
    Another road you do NOT want to avoid.

  6. Leave it to California. I’m sure the homeless will come to pay “homage” like they do in San Francisco.

  7. Well, he was given the Nobel Prize just for showing up – so I’m surprised the lefty Dems haven’t declared him King of Earth.

  8. I’m sure this will give obbamma just as much comfort as his half BILLION $ bank account. (the presidency pays well if you’re a black lefty elitist messiah….and totally corrupt)

  9. What? No “Bush boulevard”? How about Carter avenue? Obama alley might be appropriate, huh?

  10. ” Yes Dear – the GPS says the Restaurant is located at 1121 Obama Blvd. ”
    ”Uh Ok honey – lets try to find another Restaurant”.

  11. There is no legacy remaining.The only thing we have left is the video where Obama states that these jobs are never coming back – so get use to it.

  12. What else can they do? The self-absorbed narcissist BMOC has already be deified. Maybe put his name on the ditch he drove the country into.

  13. Hopefully the street that is named after him is where the AIDS infected gay bathhouses are. Afterall, his nickname in Chicago was ‘Bathhouse Barry’.

  14. Obama Boulevard should be a two way street so users can go both ways…like Barack.

  15. LALA land where breaking laws by criminals is celabrated over hard working Americans, just digusting how California is becoming a third worl nation before our eyes. Laughing stock of the nation for elected mental patients running the asylum

  16. Los Angeles won’t be out done by San Fransisco. They want Obama Blvd to be lined with pop tents, , cardboard shanties, used condoms, and hypadermic needles.

  17. Three most dangerous streets to be on in America —- MLK blvd, Malcolm X blvd, and Barack Hussein Obama blvd.

  18. This is nothing new, every where in America they have named a Street for him.

    Most of those streets are on the Wrong side of Town where you really don’t want to go, it’s so in my City.

    I guess it’s symbolic of the man who stated, I’m the First Kenyan POTUS of America.

  19. It should be a toll road for people making over $100K (with progressively higher rates for higher income drivers), but free for lower-wage drivers, and the unemployed and illegals actually get paid to drive there. Also, if you like your lane, you can keep your lane (but not really).

  20. Rodeo Ave is actually a little-known road in the metro LA area, unless you live in the Crenshaw District (ie, South Central). Keep in mind we got a FREEWAY named after Ronald Reagan, let alone a little street.

  21. America’s road to ruin. A perfect place for all the homeless created by the Obama Left.

  22. Sickening. The Obama scumbag pimp should be permanently exiled to inner Antarctica. Do you call this RAAAAAAACCCISSS? I just don’t give a damn.

  23. Obama blvd, will be a dead end! But before you get to the dead end, the some of the cross streets will be:

    Liars Way
    Executive Order Lane
    My One Way Street
    Keep Your Doctor Alley
    Health Plan Ditch
    J V Team Promenade

  24. Wonderful…. Couldn’t happen to a more screwed up town. A town where they paint the streets white to combat global warming… You just can’t make this stuff up.

  25. Hope they loop Obama Ave all through L.A., Hollywood, and of course where all of the white liberals live.

  26. I think they should find the street in Chicago with the highest amount of gun murders and name that after him.

    Or they could name the most traffic ridden street and we could all be reminded just how painful living with this guy was. This would also work in L.A. they could rename the 405 or the 5 or the 10 after obama. Just pure gridlock and not a whole lot going on…

  27. A black strip of asphalt separating the haves and the have nots, with yellow streak down the center … very appropriate for divider and coward.

  28. Relocate some stuff. That way, whenever someone wants to apply for food stamps, unemployment, or social security disability, they know it is all on Obama Boulevard. Euphemistically known as “The Boulevarde of Broken Dreams”.

  29. 1. “We’re thrilled that Angelenos and visitors will forever be reminded of the legacy of President @BarackObama when traveling across L.A.,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted Tuesday night.

    2. Why honor a person who did their best to destroy America who should really be in Gitmo for life?

  30. Figures! Unfortunately California’s majority population have major problems. Name a street after Barack Obama, oh well, just proves my position: Give California and the majority back to Mexico.

    It was a major mistake to bring it onboard and now the very best thing is one of two choices, cut it loose along the border lines and push it out to sea or give it back to Mexico but they have to take everyone who voted for the kook who’s governor too or no deal!

  31. I’m most sorry for those poor people that live and hold businesses on Rodeo Rd. Those poor people.

  32. Good move. Rodeo Road is similarly named to the iconic Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. A fresh name is good and probably a popular choice

  33. Can’t wait. Maybe a gang of straight white men might assemble a curtain around it and destroy it, while police and media stay out, ineffectually. Nah. That sort of thing doesn’t happen in Obama’s America.

  34. Just when I thought it couldn’t be any more embarrassing to live in California, this farce happens. Good grief!

  35. Just like MLK Blvd, the signs warn tourists it’s an area to AVOID. Thank you Mr Mayor, you have done a great service!

  36. Wouldn’t be preferable to use the proper description for the former occupier of the White House, comradegrandmuftihusseinobama, when naming a Dead End road to nowhere?

  37. Rodeo Road travels through all the districts with high African American demographics whom 94% of voted for Obama, yet he did crap for them. They are still sitting in poverty

  38. need to get the transients over there and do it like san francisco a perpetual anointing for the shady one

  39. Soon to be coated in liberal urine and liberal feces. The emblem of liberal failure across urban America. How appropriate to have Obozo’s name on the commode.

  40. It will represent the perfect example of Obama’s transformed America. The street lined with the Hopeless and destitute.

  41. So it’ll be like every MLK Boulevard in the USA…run down, ghettofied, and full of crime.

  42. Obama Avenue – it’s a one-way dead end street. How fitting for the Lord of Flies Obama.

  43. There is no comparison to Washington, Adams, and Jefferson , three pillars of the USA who built this country, to Obama whose policies stagnated the USA.

  44. Surprised nobody’s cracked a joke about “Obama” and “rodeo”…I know there’s joke in there somewhere, besides Obama himself.

  45. And exactly what legacy would that be? Oh, it’s the most open and transparent road ever. Got it.

  46. I presume this street will be right next to Che Guevara Avenue, Chairman Mao Lane and Pol Pot Circle??!!! Frankly, I would rather see Attilla the Hun honored.

  47. It will be a major thoroughfare for pimps, hookers, trannys, and of course victim-less drug dealing by lethal street-level gang-bangers. Nothing new in these United States. Just accelerated toward third world shite-hole by BHO and Mike and their handlers.

  48. Can’t wait for Sabo to nail that street mercilessly over and over again!

  49. IF not already, soon to be a filthy and decrepit part of town (more than the rest). Just like all the other parts of town where streets are named after black criminals. I even noticed this as a kid in elementary school in the early 70’s. What a poor way to honor someone, with a street in a slum.

  50. Just goes to show you how many racists (and where they are really from) there really are in the US.

    1. Obama is a racist and so are the bastards who voted to name a road after that filthy Marxist bastard.

  51. Wow, all I see here is a conglomeration of trump loving losers who miss watching little whiny crazy Alex Jones. Sucks to be a loser with a loser job and a loser life. Sorry that your orange master hasn’t (and never will) give you whatever it is that you feel entitled to. But what I can see is that you are all really determined to be life long idiots. Jesus, pathetic.

  52. Obama Blvd.?? Get real! How about “Mahdi-n-Chief” or Mao-Bama Blvd. since they are a much more accurate description of Obama!!

  53. You realize people will be calling it BOB, right…they’ll be too lazy to say the whole name.

  54. Eventually Obama Road will have the same reputation as all of the Martin Luther King Roads, Streets, Drives and Boulevards throughout the US: it is the route to each city’s all-black, high-crime areas with government-paid public housing.

  55. Eventually Obama Road will have the same reputation as all of the Martin Luther King Roads, Streets, Drives and Boulevards throughout the US: it is the route to the all-black, high-crime area with government-paid public housing.

  56. They really should rename Vermont Ave. in Los Angeles after Obama just for the notable piece of real estate that’s at 434…..

  57. How appropriate! It will likely be in a crime infested area, drugs, homeless tents, litter and feces.
    Certainly his lasting legacy..,

  58. For generations we have seen black Citizens wallowing in Democrat city ghettos surrounded by death, poverty, poor schools, broken families and economic segregation. The death toll in our Dem slums are worse than our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. No money for schools but plenty of money for the abortion mills?? Citizens are literally sleeping and sh–ting in the streets of Dem cities!

    Obama came into power and many blacks, joyful that someone they might relate to(race) was POTUS. What did they get for their votes? More promises and Obama phones. Thats it. HE now lives in mansions and this so called community organizer never steps foot in any black communities anymore. Well, unless you call Hollywood stars and black millionaire singers the black community.

    Yet somehow Trump, who is not nor never has been a racist or politician is going to “take blacks back to the 50’s” is the reason for the misery? H-ll, hes the one who has actually delivered on the promise of jobs to ALL citizens and is trying to implement a infrastructure plan which will help rebuild at least parts of the slums. As soon as one of these Dem poloticians points a finger and screams “racist” i know the REAL reason is because they themselves are the cause of the misery.

    So yes, name a street after Obama. Its just democrats yet again throwing a bone-trinkets and beads-to black Citizens in the hopes of gaining more votes.
    The proof? Read my first paragraph.

  59. Yeah! The bums/homeless/drug addled will christen O Blvd in style within minutes of opening. A constant barrage of p*ss ‘n sh*t is quite fitting.

  60. Useless Street?

    The bums/drug addled and homeless are sure to christen O Blvd with what in deserves, in a constant stream of admiration. Hope there are trees too.

    1. Its like naming streets after MLK…just throwing beads and trinkets to the natives.
      The blacks living in the Dem slums will still be there generation after generation

  61. I expect the nightly shoot-outs and weekly riots will be perfectly appropriate for that name.

  62. How about naming the street after a combat veteran who died in Afganistan or Iraq?….NOT a bath house towel boy from Chicago!!!!

  63. A good place to have a road named after the worst president in history, the great divider – OBAMA.

  64. Will they print the street name on maps and gps apps or will Obama have that info sealed like his college transcripts?

  65. More ghettocrap. I pity the people on that street who will be tarred with the brush of failure.

  66. This will end up like every Martin Luther King Blvd, an area rich in drug sales and crime.

  67. What legacy?? I swear to God,these people in Ca. are absolutely nuts!! That whole state should brake-off from the mainland and drift out into the ocean!! No body will miss it!!

  68. It will probably need a new layer of black top. And let’s make sure it’s a dead end street. Matches his presidency completely!

  69. Is this street in a medical district where you are told your Dr. and your Insurance plan of at the end than when you get there you find out it was a BOLD face lie?

  70. If they want to make this mistake, they should rename skid row in his honor, since he and his policies helped put those people there.

  71. I think we should rename at least one street in every city in the country after obama to reflect his true legacy. Every city has a “Skid Row”. We should begin calling them “obama row”.

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