Katt Williams Hit With Lawsuit Over Alleged Salt Shaker Assault

Here’s something to chew on – Katt Williams is embroiled in yet another legal skirmish.

A Georgia waiter filed a lawsuit against the comedian on April 26, claiming Williams got fed up while waiting for a table and struck him in the face with a salt shaker “causing injury to his mouth and face,” according to documents obtained by Courthouse News Service.

The plaintiff, Kevin Oliveira, said the alleged incident occurred at Spondivits Restaurant outside Atlanta in April 2016.

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Williams entered the restaurant with a group of friends and was informed that there was a wait to be seated, according to the legal documents.

After a while, the comedian – who is referred to by his real name of Micah Sierra – became “annoyed and irate and without provocation intentionally threw a glass salt shaker” at Oliveira, the lawsuit claims.

First responders transported Oliveira to a nearby hospital, and it took “approximately ten stitches” to repair the damage, the lawsuit states.

“As a direct and proximate result of defendant’s criminal action, plaintiff Kevin Oliveira has medical expenses, bruises, soreness, loss of wages, emotional anxiety and distress,” the suit says.

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The four-page lawsuit says: “defendant’s act was done knowingly, willingly and with malicious intent.”

It also accuses Williams of assault and battery, and is seeking unspecified damages for medical expenses and lost past and future earnings.

Williams’ Atlanta lawyer told the New York Daily News the allegations are nothing but “an obvious attempt at a money grab.”

This is not the comedian’s first encounter with the courts.

He has been arrested multiple times — in California and Georgia — on such allegations as assault, battery and criminal damage to property.

In 2006, Williams pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor count of carrying a concealed firearm at Los Angeles International Airport and was sentenced to three years probation.

In April 2017, he pleaded no contest to second-degree robbery for stealing a celebrity photographer’s camera.

The felony charge stemmed from a 2014 incident outside FilmOn Studios in Beverly Hills. Prosecutors said Williams and former hip-hop mogul Marion “Suge” Knight snatched photographer Leslie Redden’s camera during a confrontation.

Williams was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to complete 54 weeks of anger management classes, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said at the time.

Knight, who is awaiting trial in a murder case, was also charged.

Williams is best known for his stand-up routines and for appearing in First Sunday, The Perfect Holiday and Scary Movie 5.