Kanye West Kicked Off Twitter for ‘Incitement to Violence’

PARIS-MARCH 4, 2015. Kanye West posing for photographers in front of the Dries van noten fashion show. Ready to wear 2015/2016. Paris Hotel de ville. (Credit: Shutterstock)

Kanye West, the rapper now known as Ye, was suspended from Twitter late Thursday night after posting an image of a swastika over the star of David, a symbol of Judaism.

The decision to boot West off the platform came just hours after he praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in an interview on “InfoWars” saying, “I see good things about Hitler.”

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West only returned to Twitter two weeks ago earlier, when new owner Elon Musk reinstated suspended accounts after taking control of the platform.

Musk had second thoughts and tweeted just after 9 p.m. PT on Dec. 1: “I tried my best. Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended.”

Before leaving the platform, again, West tweeted an unflattering photo of a shirtless Musk on a yacht with powerful Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel. The rapper captioned the post, “Let’s always remember this as my final tweet #ye24.”

Emanuel, who is Jewish, previously called on companies to stop doing business with the hip-hop mogul for making anti-Semitic remarks. A short time later, the rapper was dropped by Adidas and The Gap.

Last month West was also suspended from Instagram for “repeatedly” violating policies.

“Got kicked off Instagram for 30 days,” the rapper wrote on right-wing social media platform Parler.

In October, he agreed to buy Parler. But on Thursday, Dec. 1, the deal fell apart. Parler said the decision to end the acquisition was made “in the interest of both parties.”