Hollywood Walk of Fame Shooting Leaves Teenager Dead

Los Angeles, CA, USA - July 5, 2019: Cartoon characters and tourists at Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Credit: Shutterstock)

A portion of the Hollywood Walk of Fame was closed Monday as police investigated a shooting that left a teenager dead.

The LAPD responded to calls of shots fired in the 7000 block of Hollywood Boulevard just after 1 a.m. The street remained closed as of Monday afternoon, LAPD Officer Drake Madison told Urban Hollywood 411.

The shooting occurred near the famous Hollywood & Highland complex, where the Academy Awards are held each year.

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When officers arrived on the scene, they found a 17-year-old boy on the sidewalk suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Police said there was a handgun next to the teenager. Paramedics rushed him to an area hospital, where he died.

According to the LAPD, the gunfire erupted when the teenager and a male individual got into an argument with a group of people. The teen and the man reportedly fired shots at the group.

“Detectives believe that the deceased shooting victim was with another unidentified suspect, and that they confronted a group of unidentified persons at Hollywood and Sycamore,” the LAPD said in a statement.

“This group ran away from the deceased shooting victim and the second male suspect and the second male suspect fired shots at the group running. The deceased shooting victim was likely armed and possibly fired at the unidentified victims,” the statement continued.

Local news station KTLA-TV reported from the scene and said the teen was uncooperative with investigators before he died.

The stretch of Hollywood Boulevard where the shooting happened is filled with restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, and souvenir shops.

A tour operator told the news station there is out-of-control crime in the area.

“The tourists are coming to me and they’re afraid. I’m trying to sell tours or take them on my tour and they’re afraid,” said Gregg Donovan of Hollywood Star Tours, who noted he’s been personally affected by the crime.

“I had two women bump me one day,” he explained. “I’ve had a man put a cigarette in my ear. I called the police for that. Also a man punched me.”

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    1. I know when you have a country awash in ‘legal’ guns the leakage is massive-So happy to live in Canada.

  1. Hooray for Hollywood
    Vote Democrat for more of this.
    NFL Football player carjacked and shot multiple times IN DC
    3 Dutch Soldiers shot in Indianapolis.
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      1. You injected race into this; it’s a class and party politics issue. This is why so many people think skin color creates hate when it’s other factors and reverse racists that have much responsibility when it comes to timing up or fanning racism.

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  3. Translation: They taped off a portion of the sidewalk along Hollywood Blvd as a crime scene. People who live in L.A. barely notice the stars (paid for by the honoree and placed by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce).

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  6. Both political Parties, Republican and Democrats are responsible for what is going on in this country today. Yet, they are merely tools to an end. Unless the separatist rhetoric is dialed down tremendously from both sides of the aisle, and the manipulative exploits against the voting public, perpetrated by the Media, and various industries like Wall Street, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, the W.H.O, the foreign and domestic idealogical threats, the Internet and technology behemoths, this country’s cherished freedoms will be in grave peril. As Americans we can’t allow the likes of a Donald Trump, or the Democratic equivalent lead this nation. We need sound thinking, non-partisan individuals who are not locked into a battle with the ghosts of conspiracy theorists, and their own poll numbers.

  7. Easy enough Google it like physics ever action can cause adiverse reaction there is a pattern

  8. misuse of hyphens: out-of-control

    OK like this when it’s an adjective: out-of-control situation.

    It’s not Grammar Nazi-ism when it’s journalistic publications that display crappy English language skills. It’s one thing if a reporter makes a mistake, but an editor should catch it.

  9. Can we take a moment to hail the great LAPD who are utterly worthless and incompetent when it keeps to keeping our streets safe?

    Where were the patrols? Where was the police presence? Where was the illusion, if nothing else, that they have some control of one of our biggest tourist spots?

    We waste billions on cops, the least they could do is protect our tourism and economy.

    But instead, we’ve got teens shooting it out on the streets.


    1. Why can’t the DA and judges keep these perps in prison is a better question to ask since I’m sure the perps all had long records.

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