‘Fix My Life’ Recap: Iyanla Goes Off on Althea – ‘Tell The Truth!’

Iyanla Fix My Life Season 9 Premiere. (Credit: OWN)

From the moment Love & Hip Hop personality Althea Heart appeared on Iyanla: Fix My Life, sparks flew and words were exchanged.

Althea was one of three reality TV alums to sit down with host Iyanla Vanzant on the season premiere of the OWN series this past weekend.

The episode titled “Reality Rehab” also featured Crystana “Dutchess” Lattimore from Black Ink Crew and Minyon Williams of Bridezillas.

All three women admitted to acting out on national TV and said they wanted to become better people.

“I’m here because I want change in my life,” Althea said, adding that she was tired of being described as “materialistic, a gold digger.”

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Minyon said she wanted to sit down with Iyanla so people could see the real her after coming across as a “bi-ch” on Bridezillas. She said her sister no longer speaks to her after they appeared on the WE tv wedding series, she’s had problems in her career and she’s now divorced.

“I lied to a lot of people. I feel like I lived this life that everybody thought was great, and it wasn’t,” Minyon admitted. “I don’t want to live in that lie anymore.”

The episode titled "Reality Rehab" featured Althea, Dutchess and Minyon. (Credit: OWN)
The episode titled “Reality Rehab” featured  (L to R) Dutchess, Minyon and Althea. (Credit: OWN)

Dutchess said she was tired of avoiding the responsibility that comes with being in the spotlight.

“I have a responsibility that I can’t run from anymore,” she said through tears.

Dutchess and Minyon said they were embarrassed by the way they behaved on their respective shows. While Althea admitted the low moment in her life was getting arrested for battery after hitting her son’s father, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Benzino, and having the story splashed across gossip websites.

But during a one-on-one conversation, Iyanla accused Althea of being more interested in fame and fortune than becoming a better person. The life coach said Althea was addicted to fame and only came on her show to be on TV.

Althea denied it, and Iyanla let it go. But not for long.

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When the ladies sat down for a group therapy session, Iyanla lost it with most of her anger aimed at Althea.

“Tell the truth about how you forgot who you were and woke up in this situation you couldn’t get out of. Tell the truth!” Iyanla yelled. “And then rather than admit that you had made a fool of yourself, you stayed in it and acted like a fool. Tell that truth!”

Dutchess and Minyon chuckled about Iyanla’s theatrics, but Althea wasn’t impressed.

Iyanla then produced a receipt to prove Althea wasn’t being completely honest. The spiritual guru held up a cell phone and played a video from Althea’s Instagram feed. She asked Althea, “Why is that on Instagram?”

What it was, was footage of the reality star posing for the camera with an OWN production crew in the background and an Iyanla: Fix My Life logo on the wall.

Iyanla reminded the ladies they were told not to post anything on social media about appearing on the show.

A defiant Althea said, “That’s my Instagram and I can post what I want to post.”

Iyanla was having none of it and shot back, “No. You had a very clear agreement.”

Althea then claimed she was never told to stay off social media, but a producer chimed in off camera and shut her down.

“That is not accurate,” he said. “We had a conversation at the hotel.”

“Let me be real clear,” a furious Iyanla said. “Either you’re here because you want to heal and do some work, or you’re here to do TV.”

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The next day, when the ladies sat down with Iyanla, there was one person missing — Althea. She sent a text message saying she was done.

“I have decided not to return. Production will use what they already shot and edit what they have. Thank you,” the message said.

Iyanla was annoyed, but continued her group session with Dutchess and Minyon.

At the end of the show, the two reality stars said they were committed to change.

A graphic on-screen said Dutchess — who revealed she had been constantly bullied online — had chosen to “fast from social media.”

Another graphic said Minyon “is in a much more positive space.”

A final graphic revealed “Ms. Althea has not returned our calls.”