‘Equalizer 2’ Star Denzel Washington Shares Surprising Thoughts on Lyft

Denzel Washington plays a Lyft driver in The Equalizer 2 (Sony Pictures)

Denzel Washington is back for another round of vigilante justice in The Equalizer 2.

Only this time, instead of working in a hardware store like he did in 2014’s The Equalizer, Washington’s character Robert McCall, is now a lethal Lyft driver.

The trailer shows McCall picking up rides, kicking butt and demanding the bad guys give him a good rating.

“You make sure I get a five-star rating,” McCall says before breaking one guy’s fingers.

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But has the Oscar-winning actor, 63, ever used Lyft in real life? Um. That would be a no.

“I’ve never taken Lyft,” Washington told The Hollywood Reporter Tuesday night at the The Equalizer 2 premiere in Los Angeles.

“I got my own car. I drive myself,” he explained. “I don’t drink so I don’t need a ride home.”

Maybe it’s a generational thing, because his co-star Ashton Sanders, 22, said he uses ride share apps all the time, just not Lyft.

“I take Uber every day, not Lyft. Uber is my main source of transportation at the moment,” said Sanders who you probably remember as Chiron in the Oscar-winning film Moonlight.

Pedro Pascal (Narcos) and Melissa Leo (Treme) co-star in the action thriller from director Antoine Fuqua.

The Equalizer 2 pulls into theaters on Friday, July 20.