Megyn Kelly Makes Tearful On-Air Apology for Blackface Comments

Megyn Kelly Apologizes On Air. (Credit: Megyn Kelly Today)

An emotional Megyn Kelly began her program Wednesday morning by reading a prepared apology for her comments the previous day defending blackface Halloween costumes.

“I’m Megyn Kelly. And I want to begin with two words — I’m sorry,” the Megyn Kelly Today host said as she fought back tears. “You may have heard that yesterday we had a discussion here about political correctness and Halloween costumes, and that conversation turned to whether it is ever OK for a person of one race to dress up as another — a black person making their face lighter or a white person making theirs darker… I defended the idea.”

She added: “I was wrong and I am sorry. One of the great parts of sitting in this chair each day is getting to discuss different points of view. Sometimes I talk and sometimes I listen, and yesterday I learned. I learned given the history of blackface being used in awful ways by racists in this country, it is not OK for that to be part of any costume, Halloween or otherwise.”

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Kelly then repeated the statement she made a day earlier in an apology email sent to her NBC colleagues.

“I have never been a PC kind of person, but I do understand the value in being sensitive to our history, particularly on race and ethnicity,” she said Wednesday morning. “This past year has been so painful for many people of color. The country feels so divided. And I have no wish to add to that pain and offense.”

The newscaster’s comments came after she sparked criticism for defending blackface costumes, saying she doesn’t think they’re racist.

“But what is racist?” the journalist asked her guest panelists during Tuesday’s broadcast. “You truly do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface at Halloween or a black person who puts on whiteface for Halloween.”

“Back when I was a kid, that was OK, as long as you were dressing up as like a character,” she added.

Critics noted the lack of diversity on Megyn Kelly Today during the blackface discussion when Kelly was joined by all white guest panelists, including Jenna Bush Hager, NBC correspondent Jacob Soboroff and television personality Melissa Rivers.

A day later, the dynamic of the show changed as Kelly sat down for a discussion on race with African-American panelists Roland Martin and Amy Holmes, co-host of PBS’ In Principle.

Earlier in the day, Kelly’s NBC colleague, Al Roker, also addressed the controversy.

“The fact is, while she apologized to the staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country because this is our history, going back to the 1830s,” Roker stated during a segment on the Today show.

On Tuesday evening, NBC Nightly News also ran a story on the controversy.

315 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly Makes Tearful On-Air Apology for Blackface Comments

  1. Free speech is a tough thing to engage in today with the Demo-Marxist party present and controlling your boss. Isn’t it Megyn?

      1. Kelly is so stupid…”I’m sorry” is 3 words not 2! I am sorry is so simple but not for Kelly….lol

      2. Why do ALL and ONLY white populations have to be ‘diverse’ and ‘multicultural’? This is NOT demanded of ANY non white peoples anywhere!
        Diversity is just about taking things that are white and MAKING them non white
        Its White Ge NO Cide
        Its ANTI White

      3. I am Chinese, and I think many Chinese would not feel offended if Caucasians wear traditional honourable Chinese clothings. We actually feel proud, There are cultural differences among cultures.

      4. Exactly! So is it OK if a black person does a blackface? Does that make them racist, and if not, then what’s the point? If Megan paints her lips red, is she trying to impersonate a younger woman, and is that age discrimination? She shouldn’t be apologizing for other peoples hangups – we haven’t done darkie shows in the USA for around 100 years, so grow up people!

    1. Didn’t Ted Danson do a stage performance in blackface while dating Whoopi? I do take offense at the play Hamilton as the performers are not of the right race. Ooopppsss…..guess it can’t go both ways.

      1. I agree…….why is it ok for black performers to take the roles of people who at one time were real live people…………..I can almost understand taking a fake character and using anyone to play the part…………….kinda like they want a black guy to do james bond.

      2. I doubt that any Caucasian would Cry RACISM if a Black Person wore lighter make up for a Halloween Costume!

      3. They also weren’t running around in white face emulating white people either idiot, I bet you didn’t even see the performance. #ignoranceisbliss

      4. When has “diversity” meant anything but LESS White People?
        When does “diversity” ever mean bringing white people to a global place or institution that is non-white?
        Diversity’ is entirely ONE-WAY: taking white institutions and populations and turning them non white. It’s CODE for No-White-Anything-Anywhere.

        Its White Gen o Cide
        Its ANTI WHITE

    2. I guess she still thinks that she is at Fox where she was the queen and she could attack anyone she wanted and not get reprimanded. But now? She gets a dose of her own medicine.

      1. Because stating your opinion on freedom is attacking someone? You’re pretty demented, dude.

      2. If she was still at Fox you idiot she would have been fired there’s a double standard it’s because she’s within BC the media is protecting her.

      3. I dressed in blackface in the 70’s to copy a Fat Albert character. No one said anything except white people were afraid to look at me (lol). My costume was complimented by black friends all night long. I even stuck a pillow in my pants to make my butt bigger.

    3. So little girls dressing up like Moana or Pocohontas, people wearing dreadlocks or corn rows or eating some ethnic food…all examples of “cultural appropriation”, all something we are told is “politically incorrect”

      The definition of cultural appropriation or misappropriation is : “A concept in sociology, dealing with the adoption of the elements of one culture by members of another culture.”

      So if we extend this to its logical conclusion the most extreme form of CA would of course be marrying outside your ethnic or cultural group. The people promulgating such nonsense have a nasty little personality flaw called bigotry which is encrusted with racist overtones.

      When you value something, be it a cultural icon or the love of your life, the judgement on whether it owns a place on your life belongs to you alone.

      If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then the angst being expressed over CA is beyond silly and the the pretense that food, hair styles, music etc are mystically owned and trademarked by only one culture or race is an attempt to leverage guilt against the guiltless.

      The desire to be offended so you can wear that rage on your sleeve reveals the mentality of a kindergartner yet this is where our society is today and anyone who partakes of another culture or defends such is the ultimate meanie head.

      Once again the alleged tolerance of the left has proven itself intolerant, the inclusive has become exclusive and acceptance is replaced with bullying little race baiters with tiny divisive souls pointing fingers.

      1. That is so well said, I’ma copy it & post it to facebook, credited of course. My pet peeve of this CA Nonsense is why nobody complains about all the black girls wearing wigs and undergoing expensive treatments to make their hair look like white girls’ hair. If you want to beat other people over the head with that belief, then you should be following it yourself. Totally Afrocentric. Afro hair, dreadlocks or cornrows or shaved. NO STRAIGHTENING! NO BLEACHING! NO WEAVES! NO WIGS!

      2. Russ, you are no longer allowed to eat ethnic food. No Chinese food (oops asian) or Mexican food (oops…Latin American) for you.

      3. Yet, Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, a lily white 100% Irish man, can appropriate a Mexican name and culture, as long as he is the right party???

      4. I am confused. I appear white, but DNA analysis shows I may be 1/1024 black. Why cannot I dress up in blackface in recognition of my heritage, though small as it may be?

        It is OK for Elizabeth Warren to claim Indian heritage with her 1/1024 part Indian DNA but if I dressed up in blackface, that would be insensitive?

      5. Very well said. Our freedom of speech is getting lost in the fake racism cries that are coming out from the left. Yet if it is one of “theirs” they turn their heads as if they didn’t notice. They do the same with sexual assault, abusive behavior and abuse of power…. it only runs one way with them. Such disgusting behavior by the left! I wish they would all grow up and act like adults. Remember when we were kids “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me”. Those days are long gone as is personal responsibility, taking care of yourself and your family, small government and respect for law enforcement, military and elders. What in the heck is this world coming too?

      6. Perfectly expressed! I wish I had said it, but the best I can do is copy it and use it, with credit to Russ Hamilton. Thank you Mr Hamilton.

      7. The left is always saying, we need to have a conversation about something. Translated. You need to listen to their side and nod in agreement.

      8. Hmm, so if a while kids dresses up like Barak Obama because he likes Barak Obama he and his patents are insensitive racists? This is idiotic. Black face is a problem if the INTENT is to denegrate or make fun of people of color. Its not a problem if you are just trying to make a costume that looks like someone else. That is the point costumes. If you take this to the extreme, any costume that makes your look different than yourself is a misappropriate of whatever you were trying to look like.

      9. Well said!

        Of course, I’m sure that if Ms. Kelly had simply explained that she identified as a black woman, no apology would have been necessary.

        Regardless, I’m disappointed that she thought it necessary to apologize in the first place.

      10. Well said!

        Of course, I’m sure that if Ms. Kelly had simply explained that she identifies as a black woman, no apology would have been necessary.

        Regardless, I’m disappointed that she thought it necessary to apologize in the first place.

    4. You have no character Megyn Kelly…
      Just because “bad people” have done something with a thing, doesn’t mean you ELIMINATE the thing.
      Think about that for just a moment…

      Nobody is “racist” for doing or saying ANYTHING unless it’s being actually used in a racist manner.
      Period. You are gone Megyn, absorbed by the Borg.

      1. LMAO and he keeps on winning.

        I remember, back before Trump, Megan Kelly was a beautiful woman. Man, she’s really gone down the sihtter.

      2. Riding the TRAIN! WooHoo, Meg, you should have stayed at Fox! Now they have the Shepard doing their dirty work! Guess they needed somebody to replace Bob Beckel!

    5. Poor Megyn. She is out of her element at NBC. However, they have a quandry, She has a huge contract.

      1. She could probably get released from it in a heart beat and return home to Fox where they actually allow diversity of opinion (see Shep Smith, Juan Williams, and Geraldo Rivera – all left-leaning folks with prominent rolls on the network.)

      1. Gary, don’t you know Superman is already a symbol of racism?
        Gosh, get woke, will ya?

    6. Go away you programed deep state lunatic, you should be crying and apologizing to President Trump, you leftest fraud.

    7. And her freedom to speak will vary from day to day. She will never know what will be acceptable to the “in” crowd. She may decide that it is better never to restrict speech in the first place and let one’s conscience be the guide (like the old days).

    8. did she specifically apologize the the straight haired blondes/red haired blacks. That is as unnatural as you can get. There are lots of black/hispanic habits that are stolen for the whites. There will a change soon.

      1. Yeah, I mean didn’t the Wayans break a couple of rules there?
        They appropriated the ‘whiteface’ from caucasians, and femininity from women… and the worst sin, they just weren’t funny.

    9. The left does such a good job of keeping antiquated racial stereotypes and slurs alive so they can be passed down to the next generation. If it wasn’t for them, racism would almost be dead.

    10. Yet they get to call us “whitie” or is it “Whity.” and NO one apologizes for that derogatory name calling.

    11. It was Jews in Himywood that started and played blackface. Blackface is Jewish yet it is White people who are superposed to feel sorry for it?? How about hanging this one on the Jews where it belongs

      1. You are wrong. Minstrel shows in the 1800’s had blackface characters long before movies were even invented.

      2. Jews were heavily involved in Minstrel shows during that time as well. Anyway it was Jews that made it funny & popular back then and in recent history

    12. She thought she’d be the Queen of the Left when she moved from FOX but has found out the left only likes you when you kiss their rings everyday.

    13. Someone help me out, here. A white guy who, let’s say, dresses up, with makeup, like Louis Armstrong or Ray Charles on Halloween is racism but the director of the hysterically feted musical, Hamilton, is justified when the casting call for the show explicitly posts that only actors and actresses of color can audition?

      What am I not getting when white actors are barred from auditioning for the parts of the founding fathers?

      Of course, the parallel universe of liberal ideology.

      A few years ago there was a film–a God-awful one–about a black man who assassinated George Bush because he lost two sons to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      Could you imagine the blowback if a film was made about a white man who assassinated Barack Obama because of the death of his son in Benghazi?

      This kind of sensitivity is B.S. Again, imagine a casting call for “The Color Purple” ” that stated “Only white actors will be permitted to audition.”

      The double standard is almost incomprehensible.

    14. What about being a GREEN witch: So it is not OK to put on green makeup to look like a witch in fear of offending Wiccans? After all, Wiccans complain about “The Burning Times” when thousands of people were burnt as Witches. And I should not look like a Green Person from Mars? How about Blue – a person from Venus? You know what, let us all take out a big eraser and rub out history. Forget a Vampire, Vlad impaled Muslims. Fine then, will go butt as* naked.

    15. “”I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” That was Joe Biden, 2007. Media response: zzzzzzzzzzzzz. So why does Megyn need to apologize? Couldn’t possibly be the outrageous and hypocritical double standard of liberals and the mainstream media could it?

    16. Megyn Kelly is a racist! why she keeping her job. I didn’t see any tears she should be run out of this country oh my god I am so offended. she is the biggest racist. I’m sorry doesn’t cut it. you should lose your job lose your career and be run out of this country. Good thing you’re not working for Fox anymore or all this would have already happened. The media is the enemy of the people people don’t realize how much is Media tilts towards the liberals!

    17. Quit Apologizing.. The Negros make fun of white people and each other every day especially after Sunday night football after they disrespect the flag. Just try to puke your way through the show Blackish wherr in fact a character wore white face… cant wait till whitish comes out…so all yall two faced bigots crawl back under your rock

    18. When did Blacks become God level? Why are we boring ole Whites NOT ALLOWED to dress as Black characters, historical figures or actors? WHY??? WHY!!!!!!!!

      We are NOT effing children!!!

      I will dress as whomever I want. How DARE self loathing White Leftists tell me IM NOT ALLOWED to do something that is NOT OFFENSIVE,,,, How dare Blacks pretend to be offended by this.

      Eff all of you. Not playing along…..

    19. As a long time FOX News viewer, I saw and generally enjoyed most of her shows there. She did defend Conservative or Republican positions many times very authentically, until the very unfortunate mess with Candidate Trump in 2016 – nobody won and it was several enforced errors. Not as interesting after she left, I saw a few shows there but the formats and audiences don’t fit her talents. A beautiful and sharp lady, who Fox helped enable her career greatly. Most recently she was one of the few voices in the MSM who pushed back on the smears on Judge K when it was very helpful!

    20. Halloween is about make believe. If the costume is of another race and you are dressing up as that person, it is not inappropriate. If you are making fun of another race, it IS inappropriate. If a white child admired Martin Luther King, Jr. and wanted to dress up like him, darkening his skin would be a tribute/emulation of someone he admired. Indeed, NOT to do so would be more insulting in my opinion…..I mean what are you saying, “If MLK, Jr. were only white…..?????”

      People seriously need to give this some thought. Knee jerk reactions are becoming ridiculous.

    21. The left demand control of the narrative, as they do all things. After all, they are smarter than you, so you must bow down to their superior intellect.

    22. I don’t mind “having drama over” this. The word “it’s” is NOT 2 words. Whoever thinks it is skipped school the day contractions were presented. The issue is not its derivation, which obviously is 2 words. The issue is what have those 2 words become? And the answer is, ONE WORD, which is what happens when a contraction is formed. It’s not rocket science, people.

    23. Rising star—Turncoat—Apologizer……… I don’t like Megyn but I thought she had more balls and smarts than to apologize for a non crime…… Masks and costumes have always been used at Halloween and were popular at Medieval suares, the idea being to hide ones identify with the persona of interesting characters….It’s a harmless and fun activity which is being killed by thin skinned pussies and idiotic SJW’s to the great loss of children at Halloween and adults as well…..Allowed to continue with their wrecking of holiday fun for everyone, these butt hurt, louts of the Left will wring out and destroy any amusment or enjoyment left in the bare, picked over bones of good cheer which are the remnants of what was once the pleasure of silly, but acceptable, pastimes…….. A GD shame that Lefties feel compelled to destroy everything in their path that reeks of freedom.

    24. Good thing for Megyn that she is now working for a leftist organiztion. At FOX she would have been immediately fired and all the leftist so called news outlets would use it to condemn FOX and conservatives in general. In the leftist world you can say or do most anything and a pre scripted aplology, especially with a tear or two, makes it OK>

    25. So Kelly makes a comment about kids wearing blackface during Halloween ” when it’s part of being in character” , and she gets fired. Yet Black men can make a movie ” White Girls ” in full mocking white face/body and not a word from the PC Left.

    1. In truth she was horrible while at FOX. But frankly simply using blackface as part of a costume is not racist and has nothing to do with racism unless the individual intends it for that purpose.

    2. when she took on Trump with her cheap, petty, and biased questions
      is when she formally destroyed her career.
      she was a fool to not recognize that he was an unstoppable force.

      1. Trump’s reversal of her attacks at the 1st debate was the first time ANYONE realized that he would be an unstoppable force…. when she cornered him… that would have DESTROYED anyone else that was up on the stage. Only Trump could shake it off.

  2. We appreciate your supplication and remind you to remember what ideas are and are not acceptable in our free society.

    1. I have dressed in black face as a black pimp with two female friends as my white prostitutes for many years. It is a hoot and people at parties both black and white love it. To hell with media types telling us what to do!!

    2. “remind you to remember what ideas are and are not acceptable in our free society.”
      I’m sure you meant to say, “alleged” free society.

    3. If it’s a “free’ society…there are no ideas that are “acceptable” or “unacceptable.”

    4. What ever happened to ” I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life your right to say it? All this PC is BULL

  3. ONCE AGAIN, everyone MUST “bow down” to the LIBERAL “God” of Political Correctness” or be banished forever from this earth!

    1. Stop your sniveling. Aww Honey – you will do or saying anything to keep your 65 million bucks a year. Listen to the brain dead seals barking and clapping. Go away!

  4. I don’t see what is so offensive about blackface. Only a small minded person gets offended at such BS.

    1. i second this…..everyone relax…i am white a black guy want to paint his face white ..way you go…..relax!!

  5. LMAO. Now I KNOW how I will dress up for Halloween! Black face all the way! Melon & Chicken on the side!

      1. Nobody that eats them calls them “chitterlings”, you virtue-signaling fake. Everybody doesn’t need to be walking around on egg shells worried they’re going to inadvertently offend somebody else. All these liberal clowns spending every waking minute with a huge chip on their shoulder and getting all puffed up lecturing us about sensitivity and race relations need to just grow up and give it a freakin rest. It’s tedious and a huge waste of time and energy.

  6. Dumb to apologize. I thought Holloween masks were SUPPOSED to be provocative. So, if you wear a Freddy Krugar mask it now means you are a crazed, demonic killer?

  7. I thought Holloween masks were SUPPOSED to be provocative. So, if you wear a Freddy Krugar mask it now means you’re a crazed, demonic killer?

  8. Another day. Another ‘race’ controversy. Do these people actually have lives that involve something other than worrying about whether they offended someone? What incredibly small and ignorant people. No matter what color the face the PC police have you. Purple faces? Dog whistles. Gotcha is an easy game to play.

  9. Oh my god people! We can never get over the past if we keep picking the wound!!!!! Black or white kids of today don’t know all this crap and if people like Roland Martin would just stfu and go away race relations in this country would be so much better!!!!!

  10. The woman is pitiful. When she was at FOX she honestly believed she was always the smartest person on the room. So she foolishly took on Donald Trump, and to put it bluntly, he ate her lunch!
    Nevertheless, she was able to move over to NBC because both Kelly and NBC were greedy pigs who thought they could put it all together and fool America. Well, I guess that didn’t work out so well for either Kelly or NBC.

    This story is actually not about PC or racism or anything like that. It’s a story about how two greedy entities, Kelly and NBC, have destroyed any credibility they had with America. This is especially true for Kelly. neither the left nor the right has any use for this slimy character who thinks she’s just so smart. For her sake I hope she’s been keeping up with advancements in the law. She’s going to need a job real soon, and I suspect getting back into law is her only chance for a paycheck.

    1. She’s making 15 million a year, I doubt she is going to “need” anything. She is laughing all the way to the bank.

  11. When are the apologies coming for making Italian Americans appear to be nothing more than a bunch of gangsters ?

  12. Not much different from Obama being half white, and calling himself Black. He should identify as “Whack”, or “Blite”.

    1. I’m Irish born. lived in England for twenty years where Irish jokes were coming thick and fast!! Guess what!! We Irish laughed along with the jokes! I guess the PC bullshit wasn’t so relevant those days. Grow up you liberals, you’re a laughing stock!

  13. Still America’s Darling Bimbo.

    Roker? “She owes the black community more…” Typical welfare, gimme liberal mentally.

  14. Kelly was right in the first place…stand you’re ground thing is for sure.. non Whites NEVER apologize or cry over something they said about Whites…NEVER

  15. Megyn was not looking as good as she used to. The real story is the power of the PC police…

  16. Isn’t it more appropriate to say that her employer finds that it was wrong for a white woman to say such a thing, but it’s ok for anyone else to say that, or for blacks to use the “N” word as often as inhaling, but God Forbid anyone else use it.

  17. All of this over a freaking Halloween costume discussion? You gotta be kidding me. No way I would have apologized. If you let me offend you, that’s your problem.

  18. Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin knew that if they could control language they could control the masses. We are getting a little taste of that right here in the good old USA!

  19. ” it is not OK for that to be part of any costume, Halloween or otherwise” As we teach to children in 3rd grade, that is an OPINION, not a facy… and it’s okay if people don’t agree with you.

  20. Anthony- That’s because they are gangsters, pizza makers, or both. And blacks don’t shoot each other (esp in Baltimore), only police. Aaaaaand illegally crossing into a sovereign nation claiming asylum (when said asylum should be granted by the first country entered) is done by only law abiding non-citizens. And now, you get to choose your gender if you don’t like the one you came with. Accept reality for what it is people, and make the difference from that point on.

  21. Why should Kelly apologize for supporting Halloween costumes that include make-up for ethnicity when racist liberals like Elizabeth Warren refuses to apologize for LYING about her ethnic background for personal advancement???

  22. In case you’ve never seen it.
    That is what the cowardice of
    craven cucking looks like.

    1. And, your language is sickening! You may be correct, but your way of expressing yourself is only appropriate in a sicko Far Right group of crazies!

      1. Have you EVER listened to Liberal Comedians like Samatha Bee, Liberals are the masters of the foulest language in the country. Did you watch Robert DeNiro’s foul language Trump rant on the awards show? To suggest that foul language is a right wing thing is either ignorant or disingenuous at best

      2. No, Jo Or, I do NOT listen to the likes of Samantha Bee or any of the rest of them. MY POINT IS THAT SINKING TO THEIR LEVEL OF VULGARITY IS NOTHNIG TO BRAG ABOUT! (And, nothing to embrace or defend.)

        I have never known a Republican to use bad language (and I have been an official in the Republican Party for decades).

        BUT, I have known some “Tea Party” followers (Ron Paul crazies and others new to politics) and some who ONLY identify as “conservative” (whatever that means since the “Conservative Party” is about a mm deep), but who are RAPID in their right wing approach and they have brought disgusting language with them!

  23. Of course, black-face was very popular in Vaudeville days. People wore black make-up, told jokes, danced, performed… as caricatures, sometimes in admiration. Al Jolson was not degrading blacks, he was paying homage, as a necessity. However, the highest paid black-face performer on Broadway was Bert Williams. Oh, yes………….. HE WAS BLACK. Media, ain’t they great!

  24. So if my African-American daughter puts on Charley Chaplin white face, and my other (minority) daughter puts on black face, it is “OK”? But, but, but, my “African-American” daughter is as white as I am (she is SOUTH African, American) and my other daughter is the “wrong” minority (Chinese American), either of them painting their faces is WRONG? I need a PC “dance card”. I am SO CONFUSED!!!!

  25. OH BS!! Another apology tour?? FOR WHAT?? What did she say that was bad? NOTHING!!

    I really hate weak WHITES.
    Whites need to stand up and be proud. Because of US, all the Turd World peasant trash is still breathing. I think it’s time for THANK YOU, from Turd Worlders, not IM SORRRYYYYY….. From self loathing Whites…..

  26. Funny how when there was a blacm santa clause a few years ago Megyn Kelly went crqzy and said “Santa is white”

  27. Nice to see red face is back is ok though. This whole thing is ridiculous. Most people have never even seen black face unless they were around in the Amos and Andy days. So they have to be told be offended by it.

  28. Kelly: “This is a time for more money–for me–and I’m so sorry if anything I said would be misunderstood to mean anything other than more money for me.”

  29. Now sure what she is apologizing for. Perhaps there are those who today consider that racist. But it certainly was not considered that way in the past, as is evidenced by the scores of comedians who dressed up in white and black faces for skits. And even if in someone’s mind it is racist, it certainly was not thought of that way in the past … which is all she said. A person has to apologize for making a statement that is true about the past? There is something seriously wrong when you can’t speak the truth about the past.

  30. Political correctness is all about people in power controlling the very thoughts of others. It’s about time we realized that and stand up to it.

    Cultural appropriation is a CROCK! If you don’t like something someone says or does, then respond by blatantly doing the opposite. Black people are conditioned by the left to be weak and “offended” by just about anything and everything. Fortunately, not all Blacks are buying it anymore. Many are even growing backbones.

  31. The left is just trying to destroy our society, there is no logic to their beliefs other than to say, whatever is bad for our social fabric.

  32. If you’re offended….that’s your problem. Not mine…no matter how hard you try to make it mine.

    I have no “White guilt” for something I didn’t do…to somebody who didn’t have happen to them.

  33. Frankly, she probably did this on purpose to boost her ratings…. I NEVER watch her but I know there are a lot of brain dead folks that do…

  34. If dressing like a person from another race is wrong, where is the outrage over the stage show Hamilton?

  35. Most of the comments appear to believe it is ok to do blackface at Halloween assuming no racism….I agree.

  36. How far she’s fallen. The conservative tough Irish girl persona was all an act. In reality she has no spine. After attacking Trump because her boss didn’t like him, and losing big time, she ran to a Leftist news network for the cash. Now she kowtows to their insane political correctness. Pathetic!

  37. Trump had (still has) the right idea. Treat everyone the same. Be an equal opportunity offender. Why pussyfoot around women, blacks or anyone else? How are we EVER going to achieve real equality if we insist that some are more fragile and delicate than others?

    The Spartans had it right nearly three thousand years ago. Pogo famously said, “We have found the enemy and he is us!”

    Today, he could just as well have said, “We have found the wimps, and they are us!” We are being conditioned to accept the collapse of a great successful society,

  38. Finally, someone(Megyn) actually dared to speak some common sense about Halloween costumes, but no, the loonie left couldn’t have that. So, now she has to come on the air and make some stupid, inane apology for only speaking the obvious truth.

  39. You are SO right. And if thats the case then I say European designers should stop showing blacks on the runway and in advertising campaigns, let them make their own designs and sell and market them as they see fit. They just do not want to go there because they do not want to apply a litmus test to Blacks or Jews in the same situation. One series was made McMafia that was about a Jewish criminal family and the complaints were off the charts. So again apply it as you say. Where are the apologies to US? I have yet to hear them while at the same time our Italian ancestors are responsible for the best of Western Civilisation and high culture..

  40. Megyn Kelly evidently doesn’t have any African American friends or she would be more sensitive to the issue. I’m neither a liberal nor a snowflake, but as a white person who has a number of dear friends of color, I would not be willing to do or advocate for something that is hurtful to people I love. I learned about how evil racism is from my parents at home. I saw my parents enraged by the treatment of peaceful protesters and saw my mother, a white woman, drive into Watts during the riots to take groceries to a friend because she couldn’t reach her by phone and was worried about her. I was taught, by my parents about the inequity in the treatment of minorities in Hollywood and the world at large. I was told how evil it was to discriminate because God loves everyone and He made us with variations because how boring it would be if he used a cookie cutter! Unfortunately, many people on both sides have not been taught as I was, nor have they spent time with people of a different skin color. As my mother used to say, when we’re cut, we all bleed red. Skin color is such a surface thing and so unimportant because inside, we all the same feelings, we all love and we all hurt.

    1. If these people of color are truly your friends then they will laugh. If they get offended by it, then they are not your friends and have most likely waiting on you to do something that confirmed their belief that all white people are racist. Friends love each other for who they are and would not be offended if you put on a black face for Halloween. Halloween is a day where people dress up as somebody or something different than who they are. Black face is no different than a Zombie face, or a Ghost face. They are disguises so people won’t know who you are. It is only racist if you are doing it trying to make fun of black people. Going as black face with a noose around your neck is insensitive, going just as a black face IS NOT.

  41. What’s the big deal?
    I’m white and i’m wearing blackface right now as I type.

  42. I would like to see ol’ Al Roker live as a slave….THEN he would know what he was talking about. All I hear from some black people is: my history, my history and some more my history. STHU…you don’t have a clue as to what you are speaking about. You have it too easy in America!

    Megan Kelly…grow a spine. You have nothing to apologize for with the exception of wh**ing yourself out for money..

  43. When Megan Kelly was sent out to do a political hit on Donald Trump at the primary debate, she lost the encounter and her credibility. Then she adopted a dyke-ish hair style and jumped ship to a liberal outlet. Who believes this woman?

  44. She did it for ratings – the insult, that is.

    Come on, people.

    Were you born yesterday?

    TV people have different brains than you.

    They live for the camera.

    Live for it.

    They crave attention.

    It’s why they were attracted to doing TV in the first place.

    The camera and adulating public validate their identity.

    So, she gets attention making a controversial comment. Ratings spike,

    Then she gets even more attention apologizing. Or allegedly apologizing. Ratings spike,

  45. Blackface is a terrible insult to people of color. It should be called for what it is – racist. That said, I am trying to understand the logical consistency of why this does not also apply to people of one gender dressing up in a costume as a person of another gender? A rational answer would be welcomed.

    1. It is no insult at all, it is a Halloween costume. This ridiculous hypersensitivity must stop because it is just ruining things for everybody especially the kids.

    2. There is no rational answer to an irrational post. What part of Make Believe do you not understand. This has been going on for centuries. One day out of 365 is set aside to be someone or something other than yourself and people like you call it racist. You are a sad and pitiful person

    3. So no white kids should be in a super hero Black Panther costume. But Then blacks will say you are racist for not buying it.

    1. It was the millions of viewers that she drew. You obviously don’t understand business. Compared to the hags that all the other news outlets put on the air, she is a million miles better at both doing her job, and looking beautiful while she is doing it.

    1. Maybe the millions of viewers that she drew on a daily basis when she was the top anchor at Fox News?

  46. Is it just me or has her look evolved into the female version of James “the lizard” Carville?

  47. Megyn, Megyn, Megyn,
    You’re not on FoxNews anymore. You cannot offer your own opinion on an issue without first having it approved by rabid Social Justice Warriors and network bigwigs.
    You must be assimilated.

  48. Political Correctness and White Privilege nuts have now effectively claimed another scalp. I never really liked MK and thought she was obviously very smug and arrogant, but she at least had cajones. Those are gone now. She has now officially been properly conditioned for life on the Dem Plantation.

    1. Many you really sound like a pleasure to party with!! So now you have to HATE yourself if you put on a costume to go to a costume party. Another sad pitiful person.

  49. At what point did we start telling people that they can’t “Make believe” on the biggest “Make Believe” day of the year. So what we are now saying is celebrating Halloween is politically incorrect.

  50. wasnt there a movie a few years back that had guys playing white chicks oh yeah “white Chicks the movie” wheres the outrage or pathetic apology?

  51. She was right the first time. The “constantly triggered victim” culture doesn’t help anyone. Wearing black (or white if you’re black) makeup for Halloween doesn’t mean you hate or dislike black (or white) people, want to harm, intimidate, or insult them. It means you want to dress up as a black (or white) character and choose to use makeup to look more realistic. No one needs to choose to be offended by this.

  52. Hey, the commies at NBC are slipping. .

    After all, thought criminals are supposed to be stooped-shouldered, disheveled and eyes down with a placard naming their offenses hung around their necks when they make their self-criticisms and self-denunciations.

    Their old school, uni-brow forefathers would not approve.

  53. Why are they leaving this dope on the air FFS?
    Every 3 weeks is another example of her shooting off a limb with a shotgun.
    She’s damn near a talking torso at this point.
    Get out the giant cane and yank this pathetic talking head out from in front of the camera!

  54. The oppressive dictatorship of political correctness is contradictory and due to be overthrown. One day they insist race doesn’t exist. The next day they’re spitting with self-righteous anger that Megyn Kelly argued blackface (or whiteface) could be okay as part of a Halloween costume.

  55. After her apology, I suppose her show’s sponsor, Lawn-Jockies-R-Us, will now be pulling their ads….

  56. “Never apologize mister. It’s a sign of weakness.”– John Wayne

    First, GEOTUS Trump curb-stomps Me-again at the first presidential debate (she never apologized for the set-up and the gotcha question and after that night her career started its swirl down the commode) and now, Me-again is groveling to the nnegroes. Just go away, Me-again.

  57. Me-again did not grovel in apology to POTUS Trump for her insolent question during the presidential debate.

  58. This whole story is a big fake. Waste of time to pound on that fake “racist” narrative again. Sick of it.

  59. Then again, I’m pretty sure if you dress-up in Orange Face to make fun of the President of the United States, you would be cheered as long as you were taking jabs at him. I didn’t know Megan was still on TV…she’s awful cute 🙂

  60. If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen is what I say. Halloween is all about role playing and becoming someone else for a night, facing your fears and overcoming them, and basic fun, our country has become so thin-skinned and cowardly it is unbelievable, why is it that we can laugh at ourselves and admit God has quite the sense of humor, giving us all different colors of skin, faces and bodies? While here on earth we have to put up with our differences but in heaven all of this will be erased and we will all be one in faith, hope and love. We have make allowances for differences learn not to take everything so seriously.

  61. This is P.C. foolishness and is just creating another class of “victims” that need protection by leftist politicians. C.A. is some silliness dreamt up by academics to hector and control people. We have toxic masculinity, white privilege, dog whistles and on and on it goes with the thought control police.

    If it was a single problem it could be solved but according to the left their are just soooo many parts of our culture that are broken that we need fundamental change to usher in a NEW WORLD view. All with them in charge.

    The radical left is a virus that infects the body politic until it becomes weak enough for them to occupy its rotting corpse and control everyone with a top down government where they are the only ones with the ability to use force.

    Communism resulted in the unnecessary deaths of tens of millions. But the leaders were hell bent on FORCING the population to adhere to their rules and regulations even when it resulted in DEATH. It is the nature of leftism and group think. Just look at the shaming and mob rule on social platforms by these control freaks. Kelly might have just said she was off base and did not understand the history of blackface but NO she had to make a public apology and be bullied by every scum leftist who had a platform. We are truly living in 1984’s predicted world. Until the explosion and people get fed-up with this control by P.C. creeps. It will be ugly!!

  62. The biggest problem with Kelly’s apology is that she should have never made it. It will never be enough for the groups criticizing her and only serves to open her up to ridiculous demands that she go even further to PROVE she’s not racist. They’ll demand some sort of song and dance from her designed to embarrass, humiliate, discredit, and marginalize her even more. Explain it perhaps, but no reason to apologize for having a legitimate opinion or view on something like this.

  63. The damage the left has done to this country is almost incalculable at this point. Every other day we some poor celebrity giving a hostage/apology speech for daring to say something that is outside the bounds of what the left tells us is allowed. I can understand the history of how black face was used in the past but I highly doubt many people of color would be offended if an 8 year old white kid dressed up as Michael Jackson for Halloween. Actually I guess that’s a poor example because no make-up would be needed but I think I have made my point. The left spends all its time looking for ways to be offended and, lo and behold, every day they succeed in being offended and then they intimidate offenders into making forced apologies. The vast majority of the conservative people I know judge people based upon the content of their character. Sadly the left does just the opposite of what Dr. King asked of our society.

  64. Yet another incident where the sacred narrative of ‘White Guilt’ is forced to come down and bludgeon another public figure, forcing them to apologize for absolutely nothing they did wrong other than offer an honest, rational opinion on a subject.

    The definition of political incorrectness is what the left finds offensive. If they’re offended, you must pay. It’s no more complicated than that…..

  65. These daytime talk shows are all cr*p anyway. You can get better educated and entertained by dropping bricks on your feet.

  66. Megan is more worried about losing her job than her makeup. Much ado about nothing. Her remarks weren’t that offensive. White people received more insults and real physical attacks every day and nobody seems concerned about that at all.

  67. Why would you say your sorry to such a non issue. If you get offended because a White person wears a Black face, you have issues.

  68. Thats what you get aligning with the left, If you say anything that even remotely sounds unpopular you are destroyed. Liberals eat their own for ratings..

  69. Maybe we can talk about it with the white congressional committee on the white entertainment channel?

  70. First off it’s not racist to wear black face no more than when Eddie Murphy wore white face to see what it would be as a white person for a day where he found out we give each other money. Now if she said why would anyone want to pretend to be black I would be offended by it but she didn’t. Hell, if someone wanted to emulate you then you should feel honored as long as it wasn’t disrespectful. Liberals are such powder puffs it’s amazing they can survive anything. God forbid we get struck by an asteroid that knocks our power out or our grid gets fried by a solar storm. These folks will eat each other.

  71. So stupid and one sided! Bet she wishes she was back at Fox where she could actually speak her mind without repercussion. The open minded and accepting audience there would not have crucified her for saying that or coming out as a closet democrat.

  72. Rachel Dolezal, the American former civil rights activist known for claiming to be a black woman while being of white-European ancestry and having no known black or African ancestry, was unavailable for comment.

    Like Rachel, perhaps Megyn should simply identify as black. Of course, then someone will be upset because Megyn and Rachel are not using the appropriate gender pronouns. *sigh*

    SO, your best bet, kids, if you want to be a shade or three darker as your Halloween disguise, remember this, when you’re asked what you’ve dressed up as: it’s NOT blackface. You’re a human redaction.

    Next up: Redactions are Ray-Cyst!

  73. Remember when Obama first became President and AG Holder said that Americans were too cowardly to have honest discussions about race? Well, any white American would have to be retarded to bring up ANY topic with racial connotations in public whether they are just monkeying around or not.

  74. It’s only ok for the Wayans brothers to make a film called “white chicks” and paint themselves white….if white people painted their faces black and made a movie “black chicks” it would be racist….such hypocrisy

  75. Grovel for the MONEY! Yeah, lick every liberal communists’ a55hole until they get a nut. Kelly, you’re a Lap Dog.

  76. More ridiculousness. She didn’t mean harm to anyone. We see films like White Chicks or Eddie Murphy with blacks in White Face, Its funny,

  77. Oh puhleeeze, its so ridiculous in the United States, so what if someone paints their face black, its a joke on a day when people dress as who they are not. There is no offense intended, and if Black people cannot take a joke, then leave and go back to your roots. Wake up and realize that America is a melting pot, what went on 160 years ago does not happen today. Black people should stop playing victims, it only leads to the other 87% of the country having a bad opinion of them and wanting nothing to do with them. Never has any country done so much for so few with so little thanks.

  78. What about being a GREEN witch: So it is not OK to put on green makeup to look like a witch in fear of offending Wiccans? After all, Wiccans complain about “The Burning Times” when thousands of people were burnt as Witches. And I should not look like a Green Person from Mars? How about Blue – a person from Venus? You know what, let us all take out a big eraser and rub out history. Forget a Vampire, Vlad impaled Muslims. Fine then, will go butt as* naked.

  79. She’s going to learn the hard way that trying to appease liberals by apologizing and eating humble pie is like trying to disperse a swarm of sharks by throwing them a bucket of chum.

  80. I made Megyn cry twice in college once…I forgot the astroglide, and she forgot to close her mouth on the turn-around.

  81. I am not a fan of hers but——— Ted Danson did it with Whoopi Goldberg approving google it

  82. Megyn, you should have stayed a Fox News. It was real dumb to go to a place where you aren’t wanted.

  83. So I am a white guy who loves Bernie Mac. I would be a racist to dress like him for Halloween? Anyone remember “White Chicks”? Isn’t that the same thing? Racism in reverse. Oh I forgot, only white people can be racist.

  84. What about Keenan Ivory Wayans putting on “white face” for the “White Chicks” movie. Shouldn’t we make him apologize to all the white ladies. Political correctness has ruined everything.

  85. 12.7% of the American population is black. Are the remaining 83.3% of the population supposed to walk on egg shells so as to not say something to offend someone? A portion of the black population is always looking for something to be upset about and then play the never ending ‘victim’ card. Screw them!

  86. Nobody cares what MK thinks or says…talk about a as been. She’s has become worthless.

  87. Where could Kelly have lived and not know about blackface and its negative impact? She’s educated and in the media, and is this ill informed? C’mon!

  88. Yesterday she wasn’t a racist. But now she’s obsessed with race.

    Today, by foolishly focusing on immutable human characteristics as exclusively distinguishing traits, Megyn Kelly became a very public racist.

  89. I’ve never, ever, ever seen anyone WANT to put on blackface, BUT, I’m sick to my stomach of people apologizing for every damn thing and being forced to be PC to appease people whom are not even affected.

  90. This is a nothingburger. What a waste of time and space. There are REAL problems in the world.

    1. Yes!!!! We must solve world hunger before criticizing your precious MeAgain Kelly. How dare we try to multi task. One thing at a time people – irishweed has spoken!!!

  91. wow……progressive leftists have mental illness.
    When did this become a no no?
    So I have to cut up my wayan brothers “White Chicks” DVD??

  92. When did Blacks become God level? Why are we boring ole Whites NOT ALLOWED to dress as Black characters, historical figures or actors? WHY??? WHY!!!!!!!!

    We are NOT effing children!!!

    I will dress as whomever I want. How DARE self loathing White Leftists tell me IM NOT ALLOWED to do something that is NOT OFFENSIVE,,,, How dare Blacks pretend to be offended by this.

    Eff all of you. Not playing along…..

  93. Rising star—Turncoat—Apologizer……… I don’t like Megyn but I thought she had more balls and smarts than to apologize for a non crime…… Masks and costumes have always been used at Halloween and were popular at Medieval suares, the idea being to hide ones identify with the persona of interesting characters….It’s a harmless and fun activity which is being killed by thin skinned pussies and idiotic SJW’s to the great loss of children at Halloween and adults as well…..Allowed to continue with their wrecking of holiday fun for everyone, these butt hurt, louts of the Left will wring out and destroy any amusment or enjoyment left in the bare, picked over bones of good cheer which are the remnants of what was once the pleasure of silly, but acceptable, pastimes…….. A GD shame that Lefties feel compelled to destroy everything in their path that reeks of freedom.

  94. Don’t worry kids, you can still parody and make fun of Latinos, Jews, Italians, Irish and any other ethnic group without drawing the hypocritical wrath of the Progressive Mafia.

  95. It’s sad that a person can’t express themselves in this country because it could offend someone else. Everyone throughout history has been offended in some way either culturally or individually. Irish, Italian, Jewish, Greek, Arabic, Negros, all have.

  96. I genuinely feel sorry for Megan. She had such a great career going. She had it all. Looks, talent, ambition and determination. What happened is politics ruined her. She leaned off the fence to the left when it would have served her better to “stay on that fence.” There ARE commentators out there that have managed to do that. She allowed her own politics to ruin her career, big time. What a shame. She could have been one of those journalist that will come out on top as reporting news rather than doing a running commentary against one side as the others have done. What a waste.

  97. Who cares? It’s entertainment. Not reality. Cowtowing to a bunch of drug snorting liberals to feign sympathy and political correctness is for squids.

  98. She is apologizing because her job at NBC is all that’s left for her; she was booted from Fox because she threw down on Trump during 2016, he won and I’m sure there was an implied threat to Fox that either she had to go or the Fox News WH representative would be filing news reports from outside of the press room at the White House and observing things via closed circuit monitor. So, there is nowhere left for her to go. She’s a smarmy little **tch who thought the world revolved around her until reality, ratings and advertisers corrected her.

  99. I absolutely abhor Megyn Kelly, but this is utterly ridiculous that she is attacked for her accurate comments and reasonable opinion on that issue. The god damnnnnned PC police should be shunned and ignored. So does this mean that very soon a white woman adding a warmer shade of foundation to her face will get her ostracized . . . fired?

  100. So…. what the left is saying….. while dressing up for Halloween this year, no race, adult or child shall be able to dress of up as a person of any other race…. people of each race an only emulate someone or something of their own “color”. No whites, hispanics or asians as Black panthers, no black, asian or hispanic spidermen, no white, black or hispanic Jackie Chans, no whites may wear NFL, MLB,NBA, Soccer, or any other sports jerseys, or dress up like their favorite black, asian, or hispanic sports character, and vice versa for blacks, asians, Hispanics. No one may emulate any kind of movie star or singer or entertainer of any kind unless they are of the same color as their own race. Because of course, Halloween is racist, and it is all about denigrating others. It is not about dressing up as a person or culture or just to have fun about something that you value or maybe could be seen as Cultural Appropriation as Russ has mentioned. The more we bring up Diversity issues and use the conversation to drive a wedge between all “different” people, we all become more intolerant, and less and less inclusive. What is free speech if we cannot say out loud how we feel about personal choices. If what people wear and what they say is TRULY DENIGRATING, then those people should be called out and chastised. Anyway, looks like currently no-one can publicly like, dress up, or talk about anything of another race or culture without being somehow in the wrong. Dress up how you like, stay alone and silent in your house or apartment, and celebrate halloween very privately and quietly. and turn your lights off, make no noise, do not offend anyone in any way, ok?

    1. Absolutely! It is so sad the way our American dream of liberty is being shredded. I know there are many genuine people out there who are still sane. I wonder how that potential can be leveraged towards a recovery and restoration of our good sense as a nation.

  101. “One of the great parts of sitting in this chair each day is getting to discuss different points of view.” – Yeah, well now you ain’t sittin’ in that chair no mo’. Lesson: Leftists aren’t interested in ‘different points of view’.

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