Eboni Williams Exits Fox News After Effort to Give Channel ‘Black Voice’

Eboni Williams (Credit: Fox News)

Eboni K. Williams is no longer with Fox News, the network confirmed in a statement to the media Monday.

Williams joined Fox in 2015 and served as a contributor, legal analyst and co-host of The Fox News Specialists.

The daily news and politics program featured a panel that included Williams, Eric Bolling, Katherine Timpf, and guest pundits. But Fox canceled the Specialists after just four months in 2017, amid sexual harassment allegations against Bolling, who eventually left the network.

Williams remained as a contributor, but recently exited.

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In an interview with the website Her Agenda, she said she initially joined Fox News to bring “an educated Black voice” to the right-leaning channel.

“I made a strategic decision to go and occupy a space that was, in my opinion, sorely needed. I could not imagine a network that was more in need of, what I would consider, an authentic Black experience and an educated Black voice,” she explained.

But Williams admits it wasn’t easy.

“It was… challenging. But I knew that, and I didn’t go there to be comfortable,” she said.

Still, Williams said she felt strongly about representing black America.

“I walked in there to represent. I didn’t go in there just to be a contrarian,” she said. “I went in there to represent my truth and be productive because that’s the point, right? To advance the ball as it relates to the ability of their audience to better understand the humanity of Black America. That was my goal. It was a huge goal, and probably overly ambitious.”

She left the network at the end of 2018 with no job lined up.

“That’s the cost of disruption, and I’m fine with that. I would rather take the financial consequences and get what God has for me because I know that I can’t get what God has for me if I’m holding onto things he’s trying to free me from,” she said.

A Fox News spokesperson said the two sides parted ways amicably.