Donnie McClurkin Slams Report Claiming He Has Life Threatening Disease

Donnie McClurkin (Credit:

Gospel music legend Donnie McClurkin wants to set the record straight — a report claiming he has a “life threatening disease” is false.

McClurkin, 60, took to Instagram Tuesday to let his followers know a viral YouTube video contained misleading information and an old photo that made him appear ill.

“What [in] the world!!!! So, now I’m supposed to be hospitalized with some kind of cancer???? Someone posted that I was sick and used a 5yr old hospital picture and info!!” McClurkin captioned his post.

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The pastor and gospel performer included a video in the post, and tried to reassure fans that he is not sick.

“Let me put everybody’s heart to rest. I am alive, well, not in the hospital, I haven’t been,” he said, while wearing a bathrobe. “I’m here going to bed right now, so whoever put that out there, I’m OK.”

The “We Fall Down” singer has been open about his previous health issues. In May 2018, he said throat problems resurfaced and he had precancerous scar tissue removed from his vocal chords.

“It’s not cancer. It’s precancerous,” he said at the time. “They want to ensure that it is not cancerous, so we’re going to do tests. So, keep me in your prayers.”

McClurkin is a three-time Grammy Award winner, who is sometimes referred to as the “Reigning King of Urban Gospel.” Over the years, he has sold more than 10 million albums.