Donna Brazile Tells Off RNC Chair on Fox News: ‘Go To Hell!’

Donna Brazile on Fox News on Tuesday, March 3, 2020. (Credit: Fox News)

Donna Brazile and RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel got into a fiery exchange Tuesday on Fox News during a discussion about the Democratic party primary process.

Brazile, a Fox News contributor, told McDaniel to “go to hell” after the RNC chair alleged that Democrats were rigging the election against front runner Bernie Sanders. 

McDaniel surmised on-air that the 2020 Democratic presidential race is headed toward a brokered convention this July in Milwaukee, WI, and she claimed it “will be rigged against Bernie if those super delegates have their way on that second vote.”

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When Brazile was asked to respond to McDaniel’s assertions during her appearance on America’s Newsroom, the conversation with co-anchor Sandra Smith got heated.

Brazile was not having any of it and quickly fired back at McDaniel’s remarks: “First of all, [Republicans] don’t have a process. They are canceling primaries. They have winner-take-all. They don’t have the kind of democracy that we see on the Democratic side.”

“For people to use Russian talking points to sow division among Americans, that is stupid. So Ronna, go to hell! This is not about — No, go to hell! I’m tired of it!” she added.

It was out of character for Brazile, who is normally measured in her comments, even during some of the most spirited on-air debates on the cable news channel.

McDaniel later responded to Brazile via Twitter.

 “It’s ok, @donnabrazile, I’d be having a bad day too if my party was still hopelessly divided. Talk of a brokered convention and the DNC trying to stop Bernie obviously hit a little close to home,” she wrote.

The Fox News anchors told Brazile that the network would try to bring in McDaniel to allow for a direct conversation between the two of them about the primary.

“I’m all about reconciliation. It is Lent. I’m trying to keep my karma. But stop lying about the Democratic process,” said Brazile.

Brazile previously served as a contributor at CNN and ABC News, but the relationships ended in 2016 when she was named interim chair of the DNC.

Months later, CNN cut all ties to Brazile after it was revealed in emails hacked by Wikileaks that she shared questions in advance of a CNN Democratic town hall with the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor,” CNN said at the time.