Dionne Warwick Rejects ‘Evil’ Claim Her Sister Abused Whitney Houston

Dionne Warwick on Larry King Now (Credit: Ora TV)

Dionne Warwick is denying claims her sister, the late gospel singer Dee Dee Warwick, molested Whitney Houston and her brother Gary when they were children.

In an upcoming interview on Larry King Now, Warwick describes the allegations made in the new documentary Whitney as “lies.”

“I have tried to refrain from responding to that,” Warwick says after being asked to respond to the claims. “First of all, it’s totally hogwash. My sister would never, ever have done anything to do any harm to any child, especially within our family. And for those lies to be perpetuated in this so-called documentary film, I think it’s evil.”

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The 77-year-old singer says she was shocked when she heard about the claim Whitney Houston’s longtime assistant, Mary Jones, made in the film that the singer was abused.

“I will never, and I mean this, ever forgive those who perpetuated this insanity,” Warwick adds.

In the film, Jones said Houston confided in her that she was molested by her older cousin Dee Dee at a young age. Jones went on to suggest Houston was so traumatized by the abuse that she questioned her sexuality throughout her life.

Gary alleged in the film that Dee Dee molested him as well. Dee Dee died in 2008 at age 66.

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Whitney premiered in May at the Cannes Film Festival. After the film’s July 6 release in theaters, the music legend’s mother issued a statement denouncing director Kevin Macdonald’s documentary as “invasive.”

“I’ve been told—as justification for the invasive theme of this film—that Whitney was a public person and therefore the public has a right to know any and everything about her. I say, NO, she was a famous person … a singer, an actress, a quiet but generous philanthropist,” Cissy Houston stated.

She added, “IF she was molested I do not believe she would have wanted it to be revealed for the first time to thousands, maybe millions of people in a film.”

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