Damon Wayans Quits ‘Lethal Weapon’: ‘I’m Too Old for This’

Damon Wayans on Lethal Weapon (Fox)

After three seasons on Lethal Weapon, Damon Wayans says he’s done.

The actor and comedian made the stunning admission to Electronic Urban Report, in a video posted Wednesday morning.

“I’m going to be quitting the show in December, after we finish the initial 13 [episodes],” Wayans explained.

“I’m a 58-year-old diabetic and I’m working 16-hour days,” he continued. “I’m too old for this.”

When the EUR reporter asked the star if he was joking about leaving the Fox series, he said absolutely not, adding that he’s spending too much time at work instead of with his family.

Wayans said last week his mother and daughter both had surgery, and he wasn’t there for either of them.

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“I had to look them both in the eye and say, ‘I can’t be there,'” he explained. “It’s hard for me to play this loving, supportive father, husband, friend on TV, and be the guy in life that is telling everyone, ‘I can’t. I have to work.'”

As for Fox’s plans, Wayans said he has no clue what the network will do.

“I really don’t know what they’re planning, but that’s what I’m planning,” he stated about his departure.

Urban Hollywood 411 reached out to Fox and producer WBTV, however, both declined comment.

Once he leaves the series, Wayans said he plans to do more standup.

“I’m gonna return to the stage and try to find my smile again,” he said. “But this has been very hard.”

Lethal Weapon was just recently retooled, following the firing in May of Wayans’ former co-star, Clayne Crawford.

Seann William Scott was brought in to replace Crawford, and Lethal Weapon was renewed for an abbreviated 13-episode third season, to see if the changes would work.